'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Spyros Bros bring on the heat, but a double drop might cost them, say fans

The duo delivered a high-octane performance despite the little mess-ups, but not everyone thinks they did enough

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Spyros Bros bring on the heat, but a double drop might cost them, say fans
Spyros Bros (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

The Spyros Bros have been fan-favorites since their audition, delivering increasingly tricky performances with their diabolo act each time they return. For their semifinals performance, the duo decided to throw in a host of new tricks, including a blindfold and a ring of fire. Unfortunately, the result was a few dropped diabolos and a few disappointed viewers.

Performing in front of the Harry Potter Land set, the duo looked ready to deliver yet another perfect act. But as they attempted a pass with one person blindfolded, it appeared they were a little underrehearsed, leaving their first diabolo on the floor. And despite them still delivering a stunning performance that upped the ante on their act, the diabolos on the floor left more to be desired.

"Ouch @spyrosbros. Not the best performance this time. Still enjoyable but the mistakes might cost you," tweeted one user. "Okay, will say the Spyros Bros were god, but I think those drops hurt their act a bit," stated another. And one shared, "I love the Harry Potter set because I'm a massive nerd. But the Spyro Bros were off tonight and this close to the finals, you need to be perfect. Not a good night for them."






Others questioned whether the act was worthy of winning the show and going on to perform in Las Vegas. "Nothing at all against Spyros Bros. but I would NOT put them through to the final. Great act, but not sure this is a Las Vegas act?"


But despite the doubts, the Spyros Bros may still be in the running, thanks to their fans that continue to support their favorite act of the season. "#SpyroBros You guys rocked even with mistakes you were the best act tonight!!!!!!!!" stated one fan. "@spyrosbros that was good what happen though two drops u still got my vote tonight though I want to see u guys in the finals #AGT," tweeted another. And one fan shared, "So far @spyrosbros us my favorite act of the night. Some just aren’t stepping it up or keeping my attention. They weren’t perfect but I think it’s amazing how they can do that with whatever those things are."






And others commended the duo for their skills, which despite the few drops, were fully on display during their semifinals' performance. "You have got to give the @spyrosbros credit for nailing so many mind-blowing and entertaining tricks!" tweeted one user, "@spyrosbros just had me aerodynamically challenged and shook. AND THE BLINDFOLD.....IT HAD ME QUAKING," shared another and one tweet read, "The Spyros Bros certainly have skill and fire trick as so cool!"






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