America's Got Talent: Who are Messoudi brothers, the shirtless acrobats whose act left judges and fans awestruck

America's Got Talent: Who are Messoudi brothers, the shirtless acrobats whose act left judges and fans awestruck

'America's Got Talent' season 14 returned on Tuesday night with the Judge Cuts. 

Having a number of contestants move on to the next round, the judges have a hard task at hand, as they have to whittle the acts down to around 36. To help them achieve this, every week the series has a number of guest judges that include Brad Paisley, Dwyane Wade, Ellie Kemper, and Jay Leno to make it easier. 

This week the series featured Brad Paisley as the guest judge. It showcased 18 acts out of which only 7 moved on to the live shows. Paisley pushed his Golden Buzzer for 15-year-old singer and songwriter, Sophie Pecora who spoke about being bullied.

While her performance was the highlight of the day, there was another performance that stole the thunder and stood out amongst the rest. 

It was none other than the Messoudi Brothers. The acrobat trio left everyone at the edge of their seats during their audition performance, and back this week they had everyone gasping and holding on to their breaths hoping they would not slip. 


The Messoudi Brothers impressed everyone with their act during Judge Cuts. (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC)

Walking on to the stage, the Messoudi Brother revealed they had a hard time getting to the Dolby Theatre for the Judge Cuts, as they lost their luggage at the airport. The duo revealed that they also did not have food as they were worried they wouldn't make it in time. They also shared that they had no costumes since it was in their lost luggage and had to borrow their suits from the costume department. 

But that didn't stop them from delivering a stellar performance and leaving everyone impressed. Their hand-to-hand balancing act is no doubt very dangerous and should never be tried at home, but they made it seem so effortless and didn't slip a bit. After they were done with their performance, they requested their retired dad to come up on stage. Easily over 50-years-old, and just out of retirement, the Messoudi Brothers' dad balanced his four sons with no support. 


This won the hearts of judges and viewers. So who are the Messoudi Brothers who left judges and audience at the edge of their seat? 

According to their Facebook Page, they were born in Australia by an English mother and Moroccan father. They were trained by their dad ever since they were kids. The brothers have been working together for around 20 years. 

After intense hard work, they are now recognised as one among the most successful hand-to-hand acrobats who have performed in over 36 countries and prestigious circuses. 

The Messoudi Brothers have been working together for around 20 years. (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)

They have also won "Prix President de la Republique" for their performance at the "27th Festival Internacional du Cirque de Massy" in 2019. They have also performed for private events like "Champ Elysee" for the former president of France. The Messoudi Brothers also came runners up during season 6 of AGT spinoff 'Arabs Got Talent'. 


In it to win it, the Messoudi Brothers are loved by fans all over, some claim they should have even won the Golden Buzzer during the Judge Cuts.

"@AGT the Golden Buzzer belonged to the Messoudi Brothers deserved the Golden Buzzer, unfortunately, it was used on a good act but not the most deserving. I'd buy tickets for my female friends and my daughters. These guys are a complete and powerful act. They are tremendously awesome!" wrote a fan on Twitter. 

'America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 


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