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'America's Got Talent': Hilarious auditions from season 14 that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter

While we wait till next week for 'America's Got Talent' to return, here is a list of some hilarious performances we witnessed this season.

'America's Got Talent' season 14 has completed five weeks of successful auditions. While fans were excited to see the final round of auditions this week and see who Julianne Hough pushed her Golden Buzzer for, they were left disappointed as the series revealed they would not be airing their regular episode, but proceeded to telecast a rerun of the “best and most show-stopping moments from Season 14" due to July 4th and its festivities. 

Throughout the season, we have witnessed amazing talent and some really hilarious auditions as well. No, we're not talking about the stand-up acts or comedians. These performances are by contestants who came on the show to impress the judges with their dance, some with their costumes and a few with their musical treats but as it turns out skill or no skill, they did manage to evoke quite a few laughs. While we wait till next week for 'America's Got Talent' to return, here is a list of the hilarious performances we witnessed this season. It might not be as fun as it seems to read about it, but it will surely have you rolling in laughter when you watch them. 

Ben Trigger 

Ben Trigger is a 25-year-old travel agent from Australia. He is a self-proclaimed "gay, fat dancer,"  who wished to catch Hough's attention with his routine. Trigger began his performance with an energetic normal routine, a few seconds later he stripped down from his shiny golden suit, into nothing but black shiny nipple tassels. He continued to get down from the stage, and walk up to Simon Cowell shaking his tassels in his face. He tried to move around the other judges and dance until he lay down on the Golden Buzzer and pushed it by mistake. Trigger's performance had everyone including Cowell in fits of laughter. Entertained by his performance, all the four judges gave him a yes, moving him to the next round. 

Ben Trigger is a self-proclaimed fat gay dancer from Australia - (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Yuriyan Retriever 

Yuriyan Retriever,  a Japanese stripper didn't impress the judges as much as Trigger did, but she did have them falling in fits of laughter with her moves. Sashaying her hips on the stage, Yuriyan stripped down into a snug leotard with an American flag on it. Though she tried her best to impress Hough, she couldn't, and none of the other judges as well. Yuriyan received four x's from the judges, but in the end, Hough did teach her to sashay. 



Coming back for a second chance this season was Sethward the Giraffe and Walrus. Starting off as the Giraffe, Sethward tried to crack a joke about how he was dropped on his head as a kid and ended up being a short-necked Giraffe. But the judges, as usual, weren't impressed and X'd him. Not giving up yet, he returned as a Walrus and he flopped in that too. He literally flopped and fell off the stage trying to fall head first on a ball. After the walrus act, Cowell and Howie Mandel somehow seemed impressed and switched their Xs but Hough and Gabrielle Union stuck with their X. 


Andy Rowell

Everyone has their go-to karaoke song, let it be Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody or Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time. But as for Andy Rowell, he has one good track that would work for anyone who is new to karaoke, and that is 'Tequila.' While one might assume that the song and his performance might have tickled Cowell and Mandel, since they seemed to enjoy it along with Hough and Union, it wasn't the case. Just watching Rowell stand on stage and repeat one-word 'Tequila' will send anyone into fits of laughter. He managed to get through his entire performance without an X. But he didn't make it to the next round. 

'America's Got Talent' season 14 airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.