'Aggretsuko' Season 4 Ending Explained: Haida and Retsuko finally find happiness

'Aggretsuko' Season 4 Ending Explained: Haida and Retsuko finally find happiness
Retsuko (Kaolip/Erica Mendez) and Haida (Shingo Kato/Ben Diskin) in 'Aggretsuko' Season 4 (Youtube/Netflix)

When it comes to 'Aggretsuko', one thing is for sure; you can trust the animated series to pack in a whole lot of laughs and just as much heavy metal. However, Season 4 decided to switch things up a bit, with the series focusing on Retsuko (Kaolip/Erica Mendez) and Haida's (Shingo Kato/Ben Diskin) relationship and how it affects the latter.

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Major spoilers ahead

After Haida gets promoted to Director of the Accounting department, he soon realises that he is hired to do Himuro's, the new CEO, dirty work. This involves cooking the account books. Retsuko happens to chance upon this and feels the need to rectify the situation.

While her focus is not taking down Himuro, she is more concerned with helping her friends who have lost their jobs and saving Haida, before it is too late. Along with her former colleagues, they set out on a covert 'Mission Impossible' style operation and managed to get the data and info they needed to expose Himuro.


On the other hand, Haida finds out about Retsuko making music again and is more upset that she is spending time with her ex, Tadano. Haida sees Tadano as a threat, a genius millionaire, while he feels he's a nobody. However, Tadano reminds him that what he has with Retsuko is not something Haida should be worried about and that there is a more significant threat out there -- Himuro. Retsuko also confronts Haida, who lashes out, saying he is doing all this for her, which promptly earns him a slap. Retsuko reminds him that she never asked for this, and while Haida continues to have his outburst, he also realises it.



Haida musters the courage to confront Himuro and proves that he is not subservient, but Himuro won't do down without a fight. Retsuko manages to break it up using her death metal persona, only to injure them in the process. However, they both end up with minor wounds. Himuro is asked to resign as CEO, while Haida also quits his job. After that, everything seems to go back to normal. While Haida and Retsuko no longer work together, their relationship seems to be right back on track, with Haida looking more self-assured and while Retsuko is happy to be with him. 

Season 4 of 'Aggretsuko' premieres worldwide on December 16, 2021, only on Netflix.


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