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'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7: Fitz's fate may finally be revealed, but will Simmons escape her abductor?

We honestly don't know if Fitz is dead or alive but one way or another, we'll find out the answer in Episode 11 'Brand New Day'
UPDATED JUL 30, 2020
Elizabeth Henstridge (ABC)
Elizabeth Henstridge (ABC)

Spoilers for 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 Episode 10 'Stolen'

'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 has had one major mystery running since the beginning of the season. And now we might finally find out what's happened to Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker).

Though we were told that Fitz is in an unknown location guiding the Zephyr's time jumps, we haven't heard a peep out of him all season. Things got a lot more stressful after Episode 9 'As I Have Always Been' in which Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) briefly had her memory implant removed and broke down crying. We honestly don't know if Fitz is dead or alive right now but one way or another, we'll find out the answer in Episode 11 'Brand New Day'. Whether we'll like the answer or not is another matter altogether.

In Episode 10, Nathaniel Malick (Thomas E Sullivan) kidnaps Simmons with help from a young John Garrett (James Paxton) who now has the powers of the inhuman teleporter Gordon (Fin Argus). He reveals that he and Sybil (Tamara Taylor) have discovered that the only thing standing in their way is Fitz, therefore they're going to use Simmons to find Fitz and kill him.

Of course, if Fitz is already dead, then that means the Chronicoms have already won and there is no hope left for SHIELD to win the day. The timestream is doomed and our heroes will have lost. But then again, this is the final season and we can't have them going out on such a low note.

Assuming Fitz is alive, he's going to have to deal with Nathaniel coming after him, though we don't know if Simmons will manage to pull some last-minute trick to deceive Malick and Garrett. Since Sybil can already predict every move she will make, Simmons is at a heavy disadvantage even though we know she will try everything in her power to keep her beloved Fitz safe.

Right now, Fitz's fate is what will determine the fate of the universe. And we're really hoping that he shows up alive and well, with some ridiculous hail mary that will stop the Chronicoms once and for all.

'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on ABC.