After 'Mulan' announcement, 'Black Widow' and 'New Mutants' fans say no to VoD, they'll wait for theatrical release

Fans claim they will wait as long as it takes to see films like 'Black Widow' and 'New Mutants' see a theatrical release

                            After 'Mulan' announcement, 'Black Widow' and 'New Mutants' fans say no to VoD, they'll wait for theatrical release
Promotional images for 'Mulan' and 'Black Widow' (Disney)

The digital Disney+ premium subscriber release of 'Mulan' has sent shockwaves through the internet. The announcement, which came earlier on August 4, says that the long-awaited theatrical release of 'Mulan' would no longer be delayed, and instead made available to Disney+ subscribers at a premium cost of $30. Fans are already wondering what other films may be next, and are already letting studios know that they'll wait as long as it takes for 'Black Widow' and 'New Mutants' to get a theatrical release.

"It's a HUGE lose financially, I am very shocked they did this. I want to see Black Widow in theaters I hope Marvel doesn't follow suit," writes one fan, in response to the news.



"@MarvelStudios, @Disney we, the MCU faithful, would have gladly waited an additional six months to see Black Widow star in her movie in theaters," writes another fan.


One fan points out that 'Black Widow' has been a movie that they've been waiting to see for over a decade, and that they're fine with waiting a few months more for a theatrical release, writing, "Black Widow hasn't spent a decade being called 'the female avenger' for her solo movie to get shoved onto Disney Plus, we will patiently wait for that theatrical release."


Similar sentiments are going around about the much-delayed 'New Mutants' film. Fans are tired of having the film constantly being delayed, but at this point, they are willing to wait even longer to see the movie in theaters as it was meant to be viewed. "Theaters around here won't even be open by them, but I just want New Mutants to finally get the theatrical release they've been promising for YEARS," says one impassioned fan.


Another fan writes, "No! I want New Mutants in Theaters. This Curse movie hasn't had sets back for 4 years just to end up on Streaming." The movie has, indeed, felt like it's been cursed, as despite an early announcement, the delays for its release have been going on for nearly 5 years now -- just in time for a pandemic to hit, pushing the movie's release back even further.


However, fans who are waiting for a 'New Mutants' release in theaters may have reason to celebrate, as a contractual obligation would make a digital release somewhat tricky, as one fan points out: "It's in the contract for New Mutants that it has to be released theatrically before it's even allowed to stream anywhere. That's why it hasn't streamed yet and why they're still hoping for 8/28 in theaters," they write. They add, though, that there might just be a loophole, "Maybe it just needs to show in one theater & then it can stream."


As it stands, there are no announcements as to whether or not 'Black Widow' or 'New Mutants' will be shifting their releases in theaters. 'Mulan,' in the meanwhile, will be released on Disney+ for premium subscribers on September 4, with a theatrical release in countries where Disney+ is not available. 

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