Afghan woman slams Biden for destroying world in viral video: 'You call yourself a president?'

'You destroyed not Afghanistan but the world! Taliban are best friends with Al Qaeda and ISIS,' she says

                            Afghan woman slams Biden for destroying world in viral video: 'You call yourself a president?'
The video of the angry Afghan woman slamming Joe Biden is being shared by conservatives (Facebook/María Elvira Salazar and McNamee/Getty Images)

An Afghan woman’s impassioned criticism of President Joe Biden in the wake of the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan has gone viral. “Biden, listen to me carefully,” she screams in the video. “You destroyed not Afghanistan but the world! Taliban are best friends with Al Qaeda and ISIS. All they’re going to do [is] use our land to build, our resources to build and to destroy the world.”

She further said, “You, you, you right now are on vacation and our country was burning and bleeding to death while you’re on vacation. And you call yourself a president?” It is unclear when and where the video was shot - mics of NBC News and Telemundo52 were visible in the shot. It's also not known who the woman is. But her loud condemnation of the Democratic president has found support among conservative political commentators and Republican politicians. 


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Republican leader María Elvira Salazar, the representative for Florida's 27th congressional district, shared the video on Facebook. She wrote, “The heartbreaking cries for help from the people of Afghanistan echo the voices of people around the world who have suffered under brutal tyrannies, and who have turned to America for help, only to find a rudderless, irresolute lack of leadership. The world deserves better.”

Benny Johnson, the chief creative officer at Turning Point USA, shared the video on his Instagram account. He wrote, “She is on FIRE.” Christian-conservative author and political commentator Melissa Tate too shared the video on Twitter, writing, “LIVID Afghan woman SHREDS Biden over his reckless destruction of not only Afghanistan but of the world.”

Biden has been on the receiving end of constant criticism in the wake of the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan. On Monday, August 16, Biden returned to the White House from Camp David after pressure from Republicans and Democrats to speak out about the Taliban's swift takeover of Afghanistan amid US troop withdrawal. After speaking for approximately twenty minutes, Biden left without taking any questions from reporters. The White House then announced that Biden would return promptly to Camp David. He was heavily criticized by conservative media for supposedly being “on vacation” after this. 


The viral video shared across platforms has found similar consensus among critics of Biden and his Afghanistan policy - one which he has stood his ground on, saying, “I stand squarely behind my decision. After 20 years I’ve learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw US forces. I am president of the United States of America. The buck stops with me.”

In the comments section for Salazar’s post, one person said, “Biden doesn’t know he’s a president. She should scream at the people who voted for Biden and the people who voted with our friends across the aisle that helped to make it possible for Biden to be president.” Another comment read, “America is weak it’s embarrassing where we are today. Those that voted for Biden. Those that allied the cheaters to take over. Our kids will suffer all of this in the future.”

On Twitter, one Donald Trump supporter said, “Why is it every other country can recognize the failure that is the president and Americans can't?” Another person tweeted, “This should be on constant loop on Joe's headphones. The suffering and torture he has brought to the world is diabolical.” Another person, tagging Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other Democrat leaders, wrote on Twitter, “This woman is screaming from her soul. You should all be ashamed. Not only have you ruined Americans Constitutional Rights to Peace & Safety, but now you’re destroying other countries people.”




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