Is aespa using K-pop storyline to promote global sustainability? Fans proud of UN speech

Is aespa using K-pop storyline to promote global sustainability? Fans proud of UN speech
aespa gives a speech at the United Nations about how they use their K-pop concepts to spread awareness (@SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter)

Fans were proud when it was announced that aespa would become the first fourth-gen group and third K-pop act, in general, to give a speech at the United Nations (UN). The rookie girl group attended Day 1 of UN’s 2022 High-Level Political Forum that was held on July 5. aespa brought in their metaverse storyline of virtual reality and shared how they were using it to promote global sustainability. They also pledged to support the UN’s goals of sustainable development and spread awareness among the next generation through their music.

Japanese-Korean member Giselle was the group’s spokesperson as she explained aespa’s K-pop concept. She shared that in their storyline, “aespa uniquely moves between reality and virtual reality. We exist here in the real world, and four of our avatar members exist in the virtual world.” Pointing out the sudden interest in virtual realities and NFTs, she added, “People are paying more attention to creating the best possible metaverse world…as the metaverse accelerates, we have to ask the question: Are we working just as hard to create the best possible real world?”


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aespa emphasizes the importance of a sustainable environment

Fans were moved as aespa called out those who have been focusing on technology advancement of virtual reality at the expense of the real world. In fact, the girl group had recently released a mini animated film ‘SMCU Ep.2: Next Level’ where they spoke about the dangers of the virtual world from the invasion of privacy to cyberbullying, and how it could affect people in the real world. In her UN speech, Giselle explained, “The metaverse reflects reality. If our own reality is not sustainable, it would become to difficult to sustain the possibilities of the virtual world. Without sustainable ecosystems or equal opportunities for quality living, there will be no real world to be mirrored.”

‘4th gen leaders’

The girls ended their speech by saying, “We believe that the next generation must support the Global Goals in order to protect the world that we live in.”

Fans applauded aespa’s daring UN speech while also celebrating their professionalism. One fan tweeted, “OUR GIRLS TALKING NOW AT THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, SO PROUD OF AESPA.”

Another fan was proud, “I feel like people keep saying 'they have no influence to speak at the UN.' It shouldn't be about that. It's about the important issues that are affecting our world. They're talking about sustainable development.”

Another commented, “aespa heading from los angeles to new york to speak and perform at the un conference and then headline the good morning america summer concert series so proud of my hardworking girls.” One fan added, “aespa 4th gen leaders.”





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