Adult entertainment star poses half-naked with snarling lions, sparks outrage on social media

Katya Sambuca, a St Petersburg-based model, has received some immense backlash after a video of her photo shoot with two male lions went viral

                            Adult entertainment star poses half-naked with snarling lions, sparks outrage on social media

In recent news, an adult entertainer has sparked massive outrage over one of her photoshoots which involved her posing half-naked with two other roaring lions at an unspecified location, reports the Daily Star. Katya Sambuca was apparently taking part in a photo shoot when she was accompanied by two huge roaring male lions.

Video footage of the model's photo shoot shows her clad in sexy white lingerie while she stroked the mane of one of the predators as the other lion circles her. One of the lions, who appeared to be quite agitated, had one of the carers scream at him: "What a fool you are. I wish I was you right now!"


The video, which was later posted by the blonde bombshell on her Instagram account, reached her 102,000 followers and sparked a massive outrage among a few of them. "It would have been great if the lion had eaten her and the photographers! Leave the lions alone," one user commented.

Another added: "Oh my God, when he opened his mouth I thought he was going to devour her." And a third suggested: "It's a shame that the lion didn't finish her off. Poor animal." 


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While some people were clearly offended, there were others who took the opportunity to praise the St Petersburg-based model whose actual name is Yekaterina Mikhailova. One follower said: "I wish I was getting stroked by her." And a second added: "That lion is lucky."

Katya is a famous adult entertainment star and is married to film director Bob Jack whose real name is Sergei Mikhailov. The couple met each other when Katya was a mere teenager of 16, after which, she got herself the nickname of "Sambuca." The couple also has a daughter together who goes by the name Zvana.