Did Jennifer Lawrence unleash her "drunk alter-ego" Gail during Friday night out with Adele?

Did Jennifer Lawrence unleash her "drunk alter-ego" Gail during Friday night out with Adele?
Jennifer Lawrence (Source : Getty Images)

Jennifer Lawrence and singer Adele's Friday night shenanigans surfaced after patrons at a gay bar in New York City tweeted about partying with the two stars.

They were spotted at the Greenwich Village bar Pieces, where the two appeared to be having a lot of fun from the pictures and videos that were shared by those present, and who in turn were taken by surprise by their presence amongst them.  

Not only did the two grab drinks at the club, but went all out dancing, taking part in drinking games that were hosted by drag queen Brita Filter.

It all looks super fun and that's what made us wonder - who was Adele out with? Jennifer Lawrence or her "drinking alter ego Gail"? C'mon now, J Law wouldn't tackle someone on stage. Would she? It has to be Gail!

In 2018, on the Ellen Degeneres show, J Law confessed about her alter-ego who appeared during specific drunk-phases.

She said, "It's not just every time I'm drunk, I turn into this 'Gail'."

"I think she's some sort of like tortoise gambler, or something. I don't always turn into this masculine alter-ego that jumps into shark-ridden waters just to make my friends laugh (she did jump into shark infested water while on vacation with friends). I'm normally, like, pretty cautious. And then I get some rum in me and I'm like, 'Let's arm wrestle!'" 

And from what we saw in the videos from her night out, she probably had something more than just 'some rum'. She sat down for makeup sessions with the drag queens at the club, danced with them and posed for pictures. All this points to Gail.

Well, it is not as bad as swimming with the sharks, but isn't J Law a little to precautious to be doing all of this? 

For instance, look at her body language in this picture with Adele - do you think this could have been Gail? She looks ready to bulldoze anything on her way to a fun night. Adele looks no different and this also makes us wonder - who influenced who to step out and indulge in some crazy fun? According to patrons at the club, J Law and Adele's presence was only noticed after Adele volunteered to be a part of the drinking games. Till then, the actor and the singer seemed to be sitting down with a group of their friends unnoticed.

Also, if this tweet by Brita is to be believed, J Law at one point even tackled Adele to the stage floor resulting in Brita saying, "Jennifer, this isn't the 'Hunger Games.' You don't need to do that, mama."

So what do you think? Was it Gail or was it good ol' J Law?

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