In poor taste? Fans slam Adele for hosting 'distateful' Titanic-themed birthday party

Adele channeled her inner Rose for her birthday party and but the party-poopers spoilt her fun on social media

                            In poor taste? Fans slam Adele for hosting 'distateful' Titanic-themed birthday party
Adele (Source: Getty Images)

Adele just turned 30 and while the singer had a blast celebrating her birthday with a Titanic theme party, people were quite cross with her. For her birthday, Adele channeled her inner Rose and there was no doubt that she nailed the look! Taking to Instagram, the 'Someone Like You' singer shared some of the snaps which were taken at the event. 

“Dirty 30! I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next 30 years as I’ve been blessed beyond words in my life so far. Thank you to everyone for coming along for the ride the last 11 years with me,” she wrote on her Instagram. “My family and friends for entertaining my super fandom of the Titanic movie. Last night was the best night of my life. Here’s a couple pics. I’m absolutely f—, not sure I’ll make it out the house again!”

One of the photos showed Adele posing with the famous clock, while another showed her grooving to the beats of music while wearing a life jacket on top of her lovely black gown. To make things even more fun and realistic, all the guests had their own costumes and the pictures made us think that we were taken back to the time when the Titanic first hit the movie theaters.

However, there were a few people who thought that Adele was wrong on her part to throw a party which was themed after a tragic incident in which nearly 1,503 people died. Many took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment. "I know I’m “easily offended” // harshly critical but is anyone else disturbed that #Adele had a #Titanic themed bday party where they wore life jackets on the dance floor?” wrote one user. “Like maybe partying whilst mimicking the absolute horror of a ship sinking in the Atlantic isn't cool?”

While another added, “Isn’t this kinda/very inappropriate? Adele’s Titanic-themed birthday party had them dancing in life jackets… Thousands of people actually died.” Another noted, "Adele throws insensitive ‘Titanic’ 30th birthday party where guests dressed as the dead victims of the horrific event." 

Some people thought that Adele took her love for Titanic a bit too far and maybe, she should have known when to stop. "This is exactly what I thought - I get she's celebrating her love of the movie but dancing in life jackets?? come on Adele," another comment read. 

Meanwhile, there were some people who rather liked how Adele managed to pull a birthday which looked a lot like the movie which was released in 1997. "Adele basically said “f**k aging.” that’s what happens when you’re unproblematic and mind your business," one fan tweeted. At the same time, there were many who did not understand why people were offended by her theme as they believed it was none of their business. 

"The same people who have been glamorizing & romanticized Titanic for years SUDDENLY remembered it was tragic because Adele had a themed party based on a FICTIONAL love story. You all better stop wearing camouflage, celebrate Thanksgiving and many other things that are tragic then," one person tweeted. While there were others who thought that there were bigger issues out there in the world that needed attention than the theme of Adele's birthday party. 

"Americans worrying about Adele and her party about THE MOVIE instead of being focused on something important as their gun control," another comment read. No matter if people liked or disliked how Adele spent her birthday party, she sure did have a lot of fun with her loved ones around her.