Adele ready to start dating again, especially American men, after split from husband Simon Konecki

Adele ready to start dating again, especially American men, after split from husband Simon Konecki
Adele (Source : Getty Images)

Singer Adele revealed to her friends that she does not want to wallow or mull in her split from her former husband Simon Konecki whom she was married to for three years as she decides to rebuild and restart her life.

The 'Someone Like You' singer reportedly told her friends that she would like to start dating again and also expressed an interest in, especially American men. As reported by the Sun, a source shared, "She’s been excited speaking to men again. She is very much in the courting phase. She’s attracted to other men and accepts it is over with Simon for good this time — there is no going back."

"She has asked friends to look out for potential dates. She doesn’t want to rush or get into something too serious too soon. But in reality, this was a marriage where the romantic love ended many years ago," the source continued. 

Singer Adele and Simon Konecki had started to grow apart a while ago (Getty Images)

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) had earlier shared that the couple had been living separate lives for many years now as Adele's spokesperson issued a statement which confirmed their formal separation. Adele has been reportedly been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles as Simon Konecki remained in the UK. It has been reported that Adele will address the disintegration of her relationship on her fourth album which she is presently writing in New York.

The couple also has a six-year-old son together named Angelo and had put finishing and final touches to their separation a long time before their announcement to split on Friday. According to documents, Adele had sold their £3million UK home in February and had also transferred the ownership of a house in LA to Simon in January. 

Singer Adele is determined not to mull in her failed marriage and start dating again (Source: Getty Images) 

It was only last month that Adele was seen secretly enjoying a divorce party where she was spotted downing shots with her friend and actress Jennifer Lawrence. She was also seen having fun with a drag queen while at a New York club. Adele had been introduced to her ex Simon in 2011 by 'Shape Of You' singer Ed Sheeran and the pair were first seen together in 2012.

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