Adam Zaborowski fires AK-47 at cops over mask, Internet says White man arrested but why was George Floyd choked?

Adam Zaborowski allegedly opened fire at a store clerk and the police after he was asked to wear a mask and he has now been charged with 22 criminal counts

                            Adam Zaborowski fires AK-47 at cops over mask, Internet says White man arrested but why was George Floyd choked?
Adam Zaborowski (Bethlehem Township Police Department)

On July 31, Pennsylvania resident Adam Zaborowski, 35, allegedly opened fire at a cigar shop clerk because he was asked to wear a mask and he was also allegedly involved in a shootout with law enforcement, according to The Daily Mail. According to the report, the man has now been charged with 22 counts, which includes seven counts of attempted homicide, seven counts of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, seven counts of aggravated assault and one count of persons prohibited to possess a firearm.

Zaborowski entered Cigars International in Bethlehem Township and got into an argument with a store clerk who requested him to wear a mask. The clerk reportedly offered to serve Zaborowski curbside, but he became frustrated and showed him a paper with apparently a statement from the state law which said he did not have to wear a mask. However, the state made masks mandatory in most public places as of July 1, according to a Metro report.

Later, Zaborowski just grabbed two cigars and walked to his car without paying. He then retrieved a handgun from his car and fired it once in the air and twice at the clerk. According to The Daily Mail, the police went to Zaborowski’s home the next day to arrest him, but he fled in a truck, according to Express-Times. They eventually found him but Zabrowski allegedly jumped out of the car and began shooting at the police with an AK-47 and a handgun.

Even though an official statement about his motive has not been announced, Zaborowski's defense attorney said that stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic may have played a factor in his client's actions, according to The Daily Mail report.

Twitter weighed in on the issue. A user questioned, "Funny how they didn’t need to murder a literal armed and dangerous shooter but meanwhile they burst into Breonna Taylor’s house and just gun her down while she’s asleep despite the perp they were looking for already having been arrested."


Others also pointed out that there was a difference in which cases involving people of color were handled. One angry user said, "He. Shot. At. Them. But SOMEHOW they were able to arrest this deranged WHITE man WITHOUT killing him? Why didn’t they unload their guns on him? Because he was white. This is why we protest! No one has to die by police! This proves it!”


Another said, "Remember that black kid who went to a store and bought chips, then got shot for it? That black man suffocated to death by police? That black man who was jogging and got shot for it? Or the black woman who got shot because she was IN HER HOUSE? And none of them had pulled a gun?"


Another observed, "This man shot at multiple people, including the cops.... yet still was able to get 'arrested'. George Floyd allegedly forged a check and choked him out in broad daylight."


One wrote, "Black skin+unarmed+in bed sleeping +reading a book +breaking the law=Dead. White skin+armed to the teeth+raging+shooting+breaking the law= A stern Leave it to Beaver style talking to while gently being placed in a police car. #ak47."


Another mocked, "You mean the few bad apples didn’t shoot him in the back after he FIRED A WEAPON AT THEM? No knee to the neck? No chokehold? They didn’t fear for their lives? Remarkable!"


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