Adam Driver gets 'canceled' on social media as many call him 'Islamophobic' for joining the Marines after 9/11

On April 20, the hashtag #adamdriverisoverparty started trending on Twitter just because the actor had joined the Marines after the terror attack

                            Adam Driver gets 'canceled' on social media as many call him 'Islamophobic' for joining the Marines after 9/11
Adam Driver (Getty Images)

Twitter is a truly strange place. We all know this and every time we start to forget, k-pop stans find a way to remind us.

Late on April 20, the hashtag #adamdriverisoverparty started trending on Twitter and it appeared that 'Star Wars' star Adam Driver had become the latest victim of the cancel culture. With a sense of dread, we looked into the tag and found, well, absolute stupidity.

So here's what went down. In a 2019 interview with The New Yorker, Driver spoke about how he joined the Marines after 9/11 because he felt a deep desire for retribution against an invisible and unknown enemy.

"It wasn’t against Muslims," he said. "It was: We were attacked. I want to fight for my country against whoever that is."

A lot of Americans felt the same way after the tragic attack and so, for most people, Driver's comments had not an iota of controversy in them. But that didn't stop a bunch of Twitter users from misconstruing them to accuse him of being Islamophobic and launching the now trending hashtag.

For the most part, the posts under the tag are really just a bunch of random people (mostly but not exclusively k-pop fans) spamming with their fancam videos in search of more views. There are also a few people who genuinely seem to hate Driver, some people who are using this as an excuse to talk about their favorite stars and a pretty large number who are just infuriated by the disrespect.

Here are some of the reactions from the people taking advantage of this trend to spam their fancams: "#adamdriverisoverparty don’t know why he’s canceled but stan Timothée Chalamet," one fan tweeted.

Another Timothée Chalamet fan joined in tweeting, "Why tf would you stan Adam Driver when you can stan Timothée Chalamet in beautiful boy #adamdriverisoverparty."

Adam Driver walks the red carpet ahead of the 'Marriage Story' screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on August 29, 2019, in Venice, Italy (Getty Images)

"#AdamDriverIsOverParty forget that ugly islamophobic troll stream my amy adams fancam," said one.

"LISTEN HERE!!" One fan who was posting a compilation of images of Hayden Christensen wrote. "I’m not saying that he should still be held accountable now for what he did, not at all! It was years ago and I GET THAT, HOWEVER, stop saying that he had a valid reason to do that s***, it was not valid whatsoever."

Who knew joining the Marines was such a despicable crime, right? Anyway, here are the people who came out in support of Driver and called out the people pushing the tag for their ridiculousness.

"#adamdriverisoverparty Do you 15-year-old k poop stans have nothing better to do other than 'cancel' people you don’t like every other day?" One user tweeted. "Suck on your pacifier already lmao."

"Was trying to figure out why #AdamDriverIsOverParty was trending and it's k-pop trash attempting to misconstrue another situation as a reason to spam fancam videos on a hashtag," another user wrote and added, "One of the many reasons k-pop stans are one of the bottom of the barrel communities on Twitter."

"Adam Driver wanted to join the Marines after 9/11 so that he could fight for his country," another user commented. "Now a bunch of Fart-Sniffers on Twitter want to cancel him. I couldn't make this stuff up."

This is hardly the first time such an incident has happened. Just last year, on the death anniversary of XXXTentacion, the tag #XxxtinctGala2019 started trending when a large number of people, once again comprising mostly of k-pop stans, started "celebrating" the young rapper's death a year before. 

"All of this is why CORONAVIRUS is here to wipe us out," one user declared, and times like this almost make us want to agree. "I can't wait for the Earth to be void of our shitty species. #adamdriverisoverparty."

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