Natassia Malthe claims Harvey Weinstein tried to force her into threesome with prostitute months after raping her

Natassia Malthe claims Harvey Weinstein tried to force her into threesome with prostitute months after raping her
Natassia Malthe testified against Harvey Weinstein in an LA court (Screenshot from KTLA 5/ Youtube, Etienne Laurent-Pool/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Actress Natassia Malthe was lured into a threesome with Harvey Weinstein and a prostitute at a hotel, two months after he raped her in 2008, she claimed to a Los Angeles jury on Wednesday, November 16. 

The model recounted the horrifying incident of how Weinstein tricked her into his hotel room by calling her to hand deliver her audition tape for a movie part. Malthe testified that when she reached his room, another woman was already there with him. "They were trying to get me to do a threesome with them," she said. "I had already said I didn’t want to. … And this [woman] who I think is a prostitute is like, ‘Oh, she so shy,’ and her and Weinstein were laughing. And she gave him a blow job," as per DailyMail


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"She was coaxing me into it like come on, come on, and put on a robe," she stated. "I was still trying to manage the situation because I really wanted to be able to do a quality movie. He has you by the f****g throat, knowing that if you don't comply, that your career is down the drain, knowing that this thing you've worked on for months. And that's not right," Malthe testified in reference to Weinstein's claims of being influential in Hollywood. According to NY Post, the actress claimed that Weinstein was called 'one phone call away Harvey' because he was the most powerful person in Hollywood at that time. "He was the most powerful person in Hollywood, he created stars, he could make a film go away by putting it on the shelf, he was a genius," she claimed, as per DailyMail

Malthe, on the other hand, further claimed that despite her constant attempts to avoid seeing the disgraced Hollywood mogul as it had only been a few months after he had sexually assaulted her, he forced her into delivering the audition in person to his assistant at the Peninsula Hotel in NYC. 


At the time of the encounter, Weinstein allegedly told Malthe to think about "all the Oscars" people had won and "everyone had to go through him; meaning — comply," as reported by the NY Post

Just a few months before the case at the Peninsula Hotel, Weinstein allegedly forcefully entered Malte's hotel room door and raped her. "He was just standing there, his shirt was kind of ruffled, his pants were ruffled. He looked like he had been someplace else, he didn't look all that neat. He just stormed in. He said no one gets to be like an A-lister unless it goes through me," she said. "I was just so scared of this guy, he had so much power … he embodied the movie business," she continued. "I just thought this guy is so powerful I have no idea what to do in this situation and I completely froze. He took off his pants and pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me and I said to him 'I don't do the casting couch thing.'"

Weinstein, however, did not falter. "It didn't last that long because I had zero response because I just played dead. He got off me and finished off himself. He ejaculated into his hand." Malte confirmed that Weinstein then exited the hotel room. The next day she found a script in her hotel room.

Weinstein, who became the face of #MeToo allegations five years ago, is charged with two counts of rape and five other sexual assault counts. If convicted on all counts, Weinstein, who is already serving 23 years in prison for sex crimes in New York, will face between 65 years and life in prison.

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