'Shazam!' EXCLUSIVE: Marta Milans talks about her matriarchal role and her "spiritual" calling to the role

'Shazam!' EXCLUSIVE: Marta Milans talks about her matriarchal role and her "spiritual" calling to the role

The release of the much anticipated DC superhero movie ‘Shazam!’ is right around the corner and fans all over the world couldn’t be more excited. ‘Shazam!’ is the first of what will hopefully be many movie installments of this DC comic book series, and some would say this superhero movie has a little more heart than most. 

‘Shazam!’ follows 14-year-old Billy Batson, a young boy who has been in different foster homes for most of his life after being abandoned by his mother. After landing in a foster home that for once treats him with love and care, he gains the power of magically transforming into an adult superhero named Shazam.

One of the things that makes ‘Shazam!’ such a special film is the fantastic cast which includes Zachary Levi, Djimon Hounsou, Mark Strong and Marta Milans, who plays Billy’s foster mother Rosa.

After years of being treated terribly in the foster system, Billy finally finds a loving home with Rosa and her husband Victor. The way the couple selflessly takes in children that need a home is one of the most heartwarming aspects of the film, and Milans was thrilled to take on such an important role.

“I was so honored to play the foster mom to all of these kids and to be the connecting point to love and empathy and the heartwarming factor of the film that is embodied by the character. It has been such a journey that way, because it hasn’t just been about the excitement, joy and absolute thrill of being in a superhero movie, but to be given a role that is so pivotal and unifying throughout the entire film is wonderful.”


In fact, Milans has been involved in multiple charities over the years that mainly focus on helping children. Milans expanded on this, opening up about her family and the emphasis they put on giving back. After hearing more about Milans life outside the entertainment industry, it became clear that the role of Rosa was absolutely perfect for her.

“My charity work has always been related to kids in many ways…from hospitals, to impoverished kids, to foster kids as well. I also come from a very big family in Spain and that kind of work has always been a part of our lives back home. In my family, that was who we were raised to be…to share and to give back all of the love that we received from our parents. When I happened to get this role, which is precisely that, I was like oh my God! I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I think I was probably given this mission in a much higher spiritual way, so to speak.”

In the film, Rosa and Victor have six foster kids including Billy, and the chemistry between the family members is absolutely magnetic. It comes as no surprise that the family on screen turned into a family off screen too, which was something very important to Milans. Her love of children and her desire to make this family as authentic as possible truly helped shape the film, which she spoke further on.


“I was very adamant about the fact that I wanted to spend time with the kids who were going to be my children in the film. I wanted to spend enough time with them and organize activities with them, so I took them to things like escape rooms, I took them to the movies, we went to dinners, made pancakes in my apartment and within a couple of days they went from calling me Marta to calling me Mama Rosa, so I became Mama Rosa for all of them.”

‘Shazam!’ is the first superhero movie that Milans has ever been a part of, and she couldn’t be more thrilled -- not just about the role, but the film as well. 

‘Shazam!’ is truly as heartwarming as it is entertaining, but most importantly the message behind it is what makes it so special and unique. On top of that, this is a film that can be enjoyed by the whole family, which is always a plus. Milans expanded on this sentiment, speaking on how anyone who feels unloved in this world can relate to the film, especially kids.

“The fact that it is such a super family friendly movie that will make you feel like you belong and that you can find a family and a space for yourself, that in itself makes the film completely unique. Also, it sends the message that you can choose to have a good family and it proves that in our film. To all the kids in the world who feel like they don’t belong and are unwanted and unloved, they are included in the DC universe and I think that is going to be groundbreaking.”


‘Shazam!’ will release nationwide on April 5.

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