Abused boyfriend was '10 days away from death' before cops rescued him from abusive ex

Abused boyfriend was '10 days away from death' before cops rescued him from abusive ex
Alex Skeel (Source:Getty Images)

A 22-year-old Bedfordshire man was just "10 days away from death" when police and medics helped him get out of a hellish relationship with his abusive ex.

According to reports, Alex Skeel was battered, stabbed and even starved by his ex, Jordan Worth, for months on end until he was left feeling debilitated and helpless.

However, he continued being with Worth, fearing that she would run him over with a car if he did not.

The resident of Stewartby was isolated from his friends and family by his former abusive girlfriend, rendering him all alone.

Skeel, however, emerged as an abuse survivor from the ordeal and is now publicly speaking about his torment, in an effort to urge other victims in abusive relationships to speak out.

Skeel, who was made to sleep on the floor for nine months by his former girlfriend, told The Sun: “I suppose I thought to myself this was how relationships were, but I know now it wasn’t normal.”


It was his first relationship. 

Worth was subsequently arrested and pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and coercive controlling behavior.

She has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years of prison sentence, according to reports.

The Bedfordshire Police said that the prosecution is the country's first conviction for coercive control involving a female offender. 

Reports state that Luton Crown Court was informed that Worth and Skeel met in 2012 at college. They were both 16 years of age at the time.

Worth reportedly began controlling Skeel from an early stage by telling him what he should wear and physically attacking him.

Worth, during their nine months relationship, reportedly subjected Skeel to multiple physical injuries, most of them often required hospital treatment. Skeel was often spotted with burns on his arms and legs and worried neighbors even tried to call authorities.

Skeel, however, would tell them that the injuries were self-inflicted, according to reports.


The ordeal came to an end for Skeel when one evening in June last year a neighbor called the police after hearing screams from the couples' house.

A police official then convinced Skeel to tell them what was really going on so he could get help.

"He saved my life. He sat me down in his patrol car and said, ‘Look, I know what’s going on. These wounds were not committed by you. Just tell me the truth'," Skeel told The Sun. 

The medics noted that open wounds were infected and he had suffered second and three-degree burns.

"The hospital told me I was 10 days away from death," Skeel said, referring to the time when he was admitted to a medical facility.


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 Abused boyfriend Alex Skeel was '10 days away from death' when he was rescued by cops from his abusive ex