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'Absentia': Stana Katic and creator Will Pascoe say Amazon to decide on Season 4 based on Season 3’s response

"Season 3 has to come out before Amazon and the powers that be make any decisions about the show and its future," Pascoe told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview with him and Stana Katic
Stana Katic as Emily Byrne (Amazon Prime Video)
Stana Katic as Emily Byrne (Amazon Prime Video)

'Absentia' Season 3 dropped exactly a week ago and we are done binge-watching the 10-episode installment and are now excited for Emily Byrne's (Stana Katic) future. Or is there one? The ending is definitely the kind that is open to interpretation as we see Emily settle into working undercover again after she brought down one of the key members of Meridian.

She faked the death of her family members to ensure their safety after her ex-husband Nick Durand also fell prey to a botched operation because of an insider leaking information and the farewell between her and her son Flynn also seemed to scream that this is all we will get to see of Emily. 

However, the possibility of introducing an all-new adventure, one where we see Emily return to work with Special Agent Cal Isaac by her side is something that cannot be written off, at least if we go by what the star of the show Katic and showrunner Will Pascoe have to say about the possibility of season 4.

During an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) ahead of the season 3 release, one of the questions that we asked them was how much more Emily's family would be able to take before they reach their threshold. Of course, we had hoped for more information on the future of the show but what we got instead was an unexpected but fun digression. 

The question posed was about it being difficult for viewers to watch Flynn go through more traumatic experiences. Pascoe replied, "Season 4, the show becomes a sitcom and they're all just in the living room, kind of" and at this point, Katic quipped "doing musicals". It would definitely be hilarious and entertaining to see this one play out but Pascoe did say, "In all seriousness, we don't know about season 4 yet. Season 3 has to come out before Amazon and the powers that be make any decisions about the show and its future and stuff like that."

He also added, "So right now we're just basking in the excitement of season 3, coming out in a number of hours and hoping that people love it and watch it as passionately as they've been waiting for it."

One of the things about season 3 that we would definitely love more of is Emily working closely with Cal as the two of them tracked down Nick's location after the kidnapping. The chemistry between the two actors and the dynamic between their characters' relationship is worth a story of its own and this would be a great spin-off set within the same universe. We could meet Agent Crown again and now that Julianne's truth has surfaced, we could have a team-up between the three of them, where we explore more of Cal's dark past and go beyond the time he served in Navy to further detail his character. Amazon are you seeing this? 

'Absentia' Season 3 released on July 17 and can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.