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'Absentia' Season 3: A quick refresher on where we left Emily, Nick, Flynn and Alice in Season 2

Before 'Absentia' Season 3 airs, here's a quick look at how Emily Byrne had dealt with her captor who had tortured her in Season 2
Stana Katic (Amazon Prime Video)
Stana Katic (Amazon Prime Video)

'Absentia' Season 3 starring Stana Katic as Special Agent Emily Byrne is slated to release on July 17 so here's a quick refresher at what had transpired in Emily's life in Season 2. For starters, Emily had begun to get a handle on her life again after the traumatic experience of being kidnapped and tortured for months. Her husband Special Agent Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger) had assumed that she had died and so did her family, resulting in all of them moving on with their lives. In Season 1, we saw how difficult it was for Emily to face the fact that her husband and child had a family of their own while she was forced to look on from the outside. 

In Season 2, she tries to make a space for herself in this family for the sake of her son Flynn (Patrick McAuley). After having been kidnapped at the end of Season 1, in season 2, we see Flynn experience post-traumatic stress disorder and the struggle is similar to what his mother Emily had experienced right after she was freed from the kidnapper. So his family decides to get professional help and signs him up for sessions with a psychiatrist called Dr Semo Oduwale (Hugh Quarshie). 

The season also sees Emily investigate her kidnapping case after she finds inconsistencies regarding who had kept her imprisoned for as long as they did and why. The question had haunted her all of Season 1 and finally, it is in Season 2 that she learned the truth about being used by Dr Oduwale for his research project. When Emily found out the truth about Dr Oduwale's part in her kidnapping, she investigated further to find out that Dr Oduwale had received a vial of blood, with properties that were unique and compatible with Dr Oduwale's research.

Emily with Flynn in 'Absentia' season 2. (Amazon Prime Video)

It is with the help of a continuous supply of this blood type that Dr Oduwale is able to create a serum that is called the resilience serum. Dr Oduwale had injected this serum on his patients, however, the same doesn't work as well as it did on Rex Wolfe (Andrew Brooke), who is a former soldier. So to hide his tracks and ensure that his failure with this research is not brought to light, Dr Oduwale uses Rex to kill the patients that he had injected the serum with and that gave birth to the Fentanyl Murders. 

Turns out, the person who had sent Dr Oduwale the vial of blood was none other than Emily's enemy from Season 1 -- Laurie (Lydia Leonard). She had kidnapped Emily for revenge, however, she later let Dr Oduwale use Emily for his research. To increase her resilience, Dr Oduwale put Emily through many kinds of torture including waterboarding. Emily's son Flynn's -- who happened to be Dr Oduwale patient -- blood was also collected, however, before Emily could confirm if Flynn was injected with the serum, Dr Oduwale is found dead. 

Emily confirms that Dr Oduwale had an assistant who had helped him obtain Flynn's blood and upon further inquiry, Emily learns that is was Alice Durand (Cara Theobold), Nick's wife and Flynn's stepmother who had helped Dr Oduwale. It is also Alice who had killed Dr Oduwale to ensure that her connection to him was not discovered by Emily. However, despite this, Emily finds the truth and confronts Alice, who denies any knowledge of Emily's abduction or how she was being used by Dr Oduwale. 

She also tells Emily that she killed Dr Oduwale for what he had done to Emily. At that moment, Emily decides to let Alice go and even lowers her weapon. Unsurprisingly though, Alice, keeps her gun trained on Emily. However, we never learn what Alice had intended on doing because at that moment FBI agent Gunnarson (Natasha Little) ends up shooting and killing Alice. The season ended with Emily letting Nick and Flynn know about Alice's death, however, the details regarding what was informed to Alice's family is not revealed. 

Will Nick and Flynn learn the truth about Alice or would it be buried forever as Emily begins to start afresh in Season 3 of 'Absentia'?