'Absentia' Season 3: When Nick brings home a case that puts the family in danger again, Emily gets into action

'Absentia' season 3 starring Stana Katic, Patrick Heusinger, and Matthew Le Nevez in lead roles will see Emily Byrne betrayed by people she considered friends.

                            'Absentia' Season 3: When Nick brings home a case that puts the family in danger again, Emily gets into action
Stana Katic as Emily Byrne in 'Absentia' Season 3 (Amazon Prime Video)

After the death of Alice Durand, FBI special agent Nick Durand's (Patrick Heusinger) wife, things aren't going any better for former FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic). This time around, it is her ex-husband Nick Durand who will be kidnapped, and he will lead Emily into another rabbit hole and this time, she might lose more family members including her son Flynn. She is already paranoid after Alice used Flynn's blood samples and helped doctor Oduwale in research so when Nick brings home a new case; that puts their family in danger again, Emily will not have anyone to depend on but herself. 

The trailer of the show tells us that Nick's kidnappers are going to be doing everything in their power to get what they want. Nick's physical state is clearly indicative of how torture is one of the many instruments they use to find information that they mean. The season will also introduce a new character called Kai (Kaja Chan) and she seems to play a key role in the season's proceedings as well. Emily will also be sidelined by the FBI in investigating Nick's case as well which will force her to depend on Cal (Matthew Le Nevez), her partner in FBI.

Emily is also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from her own kidnapping and the trailer of the upcoming season hints at how much this would actually influence Emily's life in the present. In the second season, Emily was sure that there was more to her kidnapping than what the FBI investigation had revealed and turned out, she was right. The same hunch might lead her onto the right track in case of her ex-husband's kidnapping too. However, can she really rescue him without any collateral damage?

After Alice's death, Emily did inform Flynn and Nick but towards the end of season 2, it was never revealed if Emily revealed the truth behind Alice's death. So in the upcoming season, we will also see how Nick and Flynn will adapt to Alice's absence. Will Emily reveal to Nick and her son that Alice had only entered their life to serve the purpose of Dr Oduwale? Alice used her relationship with Nick, acted like she was a therapist, and gained access to Flynn's blood type. Over the years, she had used Flynn to aid Oduwale's research, but she had confessed to Emily towards the end that she had come to truly love Nick and Flynn. 

Season 3 could also take us on a journey where we learn Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen's intentions behind shooting Alice. She did not convince us with her act about wanting to save Emily, and in the future, her true allies and intentions will also be revealed. 

'Absentia' season 3 can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video from July 17.

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