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'Absentia' Season 3: Emily, Nick fight evil forces that use refugees as fodder to feed their greed for power

'Absentia' Season 3 navigates the world of refugee abduction and organ trafficking among things as Emily and Nick learn of the existence of a criminal organization called Meridian
Stana Katic as Emily Byrne (Amazon Prime Video)
Stana Katic as Emily Byrne (Amazon Prime Video)

'Absentia' Season 3 explores refugee prison camps and how all of it connects to a grand scheme of corrupt forces in power. It begins with the case that Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger) is initially investigating, that of multiple dead bodies surfacing over time with missing organs which leads him to a source from a corrupt global organization called Meridian. This source gives him access to files that Meridian uses to have their way in controlling the government and law to side with them despite their illegal operations. The source also tells him about something going down the night that Flynn (Patrick McAuley) leaves for his swimming camp. That's how Nick chances upon the organ trafficking ring and the information that his source gave him also puts credence into the belief that the entire trafficking operation is not restricted to a local group.

The deeper he digs, the more trouble he gets into as he grabs the attention of Meridian. He is captured and it is after his time as a prisoner that Nick connects the dots between the organ trafficking ring in Boston to the refugee prison camp situated at the border of Austria. After he escapes from Meridian's clutches during transport, he comes in contact with a few kids who are waiting at the edges of the prison camp hoping to help their parents escape. The kids are from Syria whose parents were captured when they were traveling to Germany. Now that their parents are captured, the kids are left to their own devices as even the local law enforcement is on the payroll of the people who captured the kids' parents.

After Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) finds Nick while he is being transported to another facility, he brings her back to where he had met the kids in an attempt to plan a rescue mission. This time, Emily and Nick do not have the cavalry to depend on as they are too far away, and so the two end up using the intel that the kids have so far gathered to intrude and plan a rescue. Turns out, the refugees at the prison camp are being held to be used for their organs which were harvested in Boston. The bodies that Nick was investigating, belongs to the refugees and further examination also reveals that Meridian uses refugees to run clinical tests.

When the facilities where the refugees are hidden get found out, they are killed with the virus they helped create and all of this becomes an intrinsic part of 'Absentia' Season 3. What began as a personal mission for Emily, as she attempted to rescue Nick turns into something bigger as Nick, Emily, and unexpectedly Cal, go in guns blazing before Jericho can kill the refugees and destroy any evidence. Can they really come out of this unscathed is the question that is answered towards the end of the season.

'Absentia' Season 3 premieres on July 17 and all episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.