'Absentia' season 2 will see Emily Byrne hunting for 'someone who is out there', but could it be her paranoia?

'Absentia' season 2 will see Emily Byrne hunting for 'someone who is out there', but could it be her paranoia?

Stana Katic is back as Emily Byrne, the former FBI agent who is working on an operation on her own. She is sure there is someone out there who is left unpunished and is certain only she can shed light on whoever is hiding. There is a lot of excitement and plenty of new investigation avenues that Emily will have to exhaust before she finds the person who has been haunting her from the past. She has to do all of this amid mending relationships with her ex-husband Nick Durand, and his wife Alice and try to find a thread of connection between herself and her son Flynn. It turns out that the kidnapping that took place in the last season may help the two reconnect and keep her panic attacks to herself before everyone around her begins to doubt that it is her mental health that is causing her to suspect everything and everyone, and not her instincts, which have turned out to be right so far in the show. 

In the upcoming season, we get to see new threats that Emily has to face in connection with her investigation, including a hunt for a serial killer that the local authorities have failed to identify. Emily will continue to work with Special Agent Cal Isaac (Matthew Le Nevez) to find access to case files and reports that may or may not help her eventually in tracking down some bad people.

The series will have two investigations taking place side by side, as the narratives continues to flit between the central characters. Will the investigations overlap? If so, what would the connection between the two be? This chase certainly has the potential to make the show a nail-biting watch. Also, from the looks of it, we see Emily stepping out a little further as not only is she trying to get better, but also beat her monsters from the past to reclaim her life or at least, some semblance of it.

The show will also continue to pay close attention to how Emily deals with her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and draw parallels with what her son Flynn is going through after the kidnapping took place in season 1.

Absentia in its first season was a raw exploration of what could really happen to an FBI agent when she is rescued years after being kidnapped, believed to be dead by her own family. In its second season, it will gain a bit of a footing, in the sense that Emily, despite all the stress, will provide a steady direction to the story. She will be the anchor as things begin to unravel all around her. There was always more than what meets the eyes in the first season as things built up under the surface with subtlety, and this will continue to be the case in the new season as well. What are the odds? Will this treatment of the story work for the show or against it? We will have to wait and watch!

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