'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Alex Michel goes missing, fans can't believe producers can't track him

Fans were not buying Chris Harrison's explanation that the production crew couldn't track down Alex Michel for an interview

                            'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Alex Michel goes missing, fans can't believe producers can't track him
Chris Harrison and Alex Michel (ABC)

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling for Season 1 of 'The Bachelor', so did our supply of news about Alex Michel, the bachelor of that season. Alex came on the reality show looking for a wife but ended up forming strong connections with several women. In the season finale episode, when it was finally time for Alex to decide who would be his future wife, he left everybody shocked with not only his choice but also his decision not to propose to the girl he picked. 

Alex picked Amanda Marsh as the winner. But instead of proposing to her, he asked her to move in with him. Within a few months the rumors of the couple's breakup began doing rounds. Later, in an interview, Amanda confirmed the reports of her breakup with Alex and revealed that their breakup was due to Alex's feelings for the runner up — Trista. 

Since then nobody had heard anything from Alex. He managed to completely lay low and never appeared on any other 'Bachelor' franchise show or interviews. So, when it was announced that Season 1 would be revisited on 'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons - Ever!', fans were hopeful of finally hearing from Alex. Unfortunately, the production team reportedly couldn't track him down. Towards the end, host Chris Harrison even left an open invite to Alex to join the 'Bachelor' family whenever he was ready for it. 

Despite Chris' explanation of Alex's absence, fans weren't ready to buy it. A fan tweeted, "Hard to believe that Bachelor producers can’t find Alex Michel given that they can find contestants’ random ex-boyfriends. #wyatr #TheBachelorGOAT." Another fan wrote, "'Can't find Alex Michel' my a**. More like Alex Michel wants nothing to do with The Bachelor, and Chris Harrison can't deal with it. Move on Harrison. #TheBachelorGOAT." One more wondered, "#TheBachelorGOAT #TheBachelor If Alex Michel won’t even respond to @chrisbharrison and the Bachelor producers, he must really be embarrassed. Can someone find out what he’s doing now?? Did he change his name???" Another fan joked, "Chris Harrison - Alex Michel can be found on Linkedin - just message him #TheBachelorGOAT."

'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons - Ever!' airs every Monday at 8 pm on ABC.

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