'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' gets a sixth season and here are some other Marvel shows that have been renewed

Marvel is looking to establish its dominance on cable and streaming with a slew of shows. Here are the ones that will be making a return in the near future

                             'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' gets a sixth season and here are some other Marvel shows that have been renewed
Caste of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Source :Getty Images)

With all the drama surrounding the cancelation and rebirth of the highly-beloved 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' fans of 'Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,' could be forgiven for wondering whether the show's ratings had plummeted enough for ABC executives to not give a green light for a swansong season.

It would not be unprecedented or out of the ordinary; especially considering how the show occupies a prime slot and how the network had previously axed 'Marvel's Inhumans' and 'Marvel's Agent Carter' for similar reasons. In such a cutthroat environment, even the slightest edge remains paramount.

But Hollywood Reporter has moved to allay those fears, writing that ABC has okayed a shortened 13-episode sixth season — each of the previous five seasons featured 22 episodes each. Fans will be pleased to know that Agents of Shield will quite possibly get the ending it deserves, with most of them unsurprisingly of the opinion that they would rather have the closure than an abrupt cancelation.

While not a cash cow for ABC, the show's renewal for season five saw the network move it to an all-new slot on Friday - one previously occupied by another Marvel show, Inhumans, which was canceled - and it garnered a respectable four million viewers through the course of the week; not to mention its average of 1.2 in the advertiser-coveted adults of the 18-49 range. 

Marvel has looked to assert its dominance over long-time rival DC in every aspect possible and this has included Marvel Television broadening its horizons with adaptations of the coveted comics on cable and streaming platforms; especially with ABC's cancelation of 'Agent Carter' and 'Inhumans' in the years past. But boasting an enviable library of shows that will be making their comeback sooner than later, the future does look bright. 

Set to return are:

1) From Netflix

Marvel's Daredevil: The second season of the highly popular 'Daredevil' initially aired in March 2016, and fans have since been left waiting for the barrel-chested superhero from Hell's Kitchen to return to action. The series was renewed for a third season in July 2016 and is expected to release sometime this year.

Marvel's Jessica Jones: The first season of 'Jessica Jones' in 2015 was released to critical acclaim and praise. The second season of the series released this past March and was subsequently renewed for a third consecutive season in April.

Marvel's Luke Cage: While reactions to 'Luke Cage' from fans have been mixed, the show garnered positive reactions from most and will release the second season this coming June. 

Marvel's Iron Fist: 'Iron Fist' was similarly met with lukewarm reactions from fans and mostly negative reactions from critics. But because of the popularity of the franchise, the show has been renewed for a second season in July 2017 and is expected to premiere later this year. 

Marvel's The Punisher: A unique take on an anti-hero meant that 'The Punisher' was always going to appeal to masses of fans, with its grade-A violence and heart-thumping action having captivated audiences around the globe. Season 1 was an immediate hit and the series was renewed for a second season soon after. 

2) Hulu

Marvel's Runaways: 'Runaways' was given the green light after the success of 'The Avengers' and after a successful first season will be returning for a 13-episode second season.

3) FX

Legion: The only Marvel show on FX, the first season of 'Legion' was critically acclaimed and lauded by audiences and critics alike. An eleven-episode second season began airing this past April and a third season is reportedly already under consideration. 

 4) Fox

The Gifted: The series received a put pilot commitment at Fox after a previous attempted X-Men television series did not move forward at the network in 2016 and was met by a 'solid viewership' upon release in 2017. In January 2018, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season.