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‘For Life’ Episode 6: How will Dawkins marking his territory in prison play out for Aaron's fate?

Neither Safiya Masry nor Aaron are aware of Dawkins’s true identity and they might just face the consequences of welcoming him into their facility
Cassius Dawkins (ABC)
Cassius Dawkins (ABC)

‘For Life’ most articulately showcases the plight of prisoners which is often overlooked. Apart from training himself to fight his own case, driven by the desperate need to set himself free and reunite with his family, Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock),  for a long time, has been working as a paralegal representative for his fellow inmates. 

However, his intentions are misplaced when he’s forced to fight for the freedom of few convicts who deserve to be punished for the crime they’ve committed. In the previous episode, he helps one of the inmates evade his sentence by fighting his case and eventually wins it. However, the success from that case did not benefit him the way he imagined it. 

The series has now upped its game several notches by introducing a new character in the latest episode and it couldn’t have gotten more interesting. After a long wait, 50 Cent graces the show as Cassius Dawkins, who has been moved to Lubeck Correctional Facility by Maskins (Boris McGiver) as a part of prison transfer.

Although 50 Cent’s appearance has set the bar high, watching him trying to get close to Aaron under the pretext of offering safety gives rise to endless questions. However, neither Safiya Masry (Indira Varma) nor Aaron are aware of Dawkins’s true identity and are yet to face the consequences of welcoming him into their facility. 

Even Aaron, to a great extent, is convinced by Dawkins’s influence and power. So much so that Aaron agrees to let the latter access his mobile phone to contact people from outside the prison when he realizes that Dawkins could help him turns the tables on the District Attorney office. 

Aaron’s trust in Dawkins could also be the result of the recent falling out he had with Hasan after his police brother got interrogated for helping Aaron get his hands on his original case file from NYPD. However, it would be too soon to draw conclusions about Dawkins’s motives considering he was deliberately transferred to Bellmore by Maskins to thwart Safiya’s big plans for the prison. But, his character comes across as more complicated than what we can see.

It could also be that Dawkins is parallelly working plans to mark his territory in the prison, regardless of what he was sent for. And maybe, he might continue enlisting Aaron’s help knowing the latter’s knowledge in law and the inner workings of the prison. 

‘For Life’ airs on Tuesdays on ABC.