‘Disney Family Singalong’: Ariana Grande, Beyonce's performances remind fans of their favorite Disney classics

‘Disney Family Singalong’: Ariana Grande, Beyonce's performances remind fans of their favorite Disney classics
Ariana Grande, Beyonce (Getty Images)

ABC  recently brought a night of music and magic with the 'Disney Family Singalong’, to help its viewers beat the quarantine blues and lift their spirits up during the ongoing global health crisis due to the novel coronavirus. 

The nationwide event was hosted by Ryan Seacrest, with a series of celebrities joining from their respective homes, singing to their favorite Disney tunes along with family and friends.   

For a long time, fans have eagerly waited to witness the star-studded event, and join their beloved stars to sing their hearts out in the musical event while being cooped up in their homes. 

The special sing-along event was a culmination of various performances by different artists, with some clad in costumes relevant to the Disney characters featured in the original video song.  

The featured performances on ‘The Disney Singalong’ included ‘I Won’t Say I am in Love’ by Ariana Grande, ‘Can You Feel That Love Tonight’ by Cristina Aguilera, a special rendition of Cinderalla’s ‘A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ by Michael Buble and Demi Lovato among many others.

The other highlights of the event comprised a special appearance by Beyonce and a musical performance by ‘High School Musical’ cast, as the old friends joined one another from their respective homes to put up an exceptional show. 

Apart from providing the audience with endless entertainment, an hour-long of ‘The Disney Singalong’ has also got them nostalgic and emotional by reminding them of the good ol’ days with their favorite Disney classics. 

While one thrilled fan expressed on Twitter, “You were so great tonight on ABC's Disney family singalong. Loved that you incorporated dancers, especially the children. Made my heart so happy. Huge smile on my face the entire time!”

“Just watched “The Disney Family Singalong” on ABC & now I’m feelin’ all emotional. Disney has been much of the soundtrack to my life & my love for it knows no end. If this quarantine has made me long for anything,” added another. 

Meanwhile, a few High School Musical fans were ecstatic and emotional to watch their beloved cast come together to share some love during the dark time. 

“To say I cried during the HSM reunion on the Disney family singalong is an understatement,” wrote one. 

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