Abby Lee Miller visited by 'Dance Moms' students in hospital

The 'Dance Moms' dance instructor is much loved, and her students showed just how much they love love her by visiting her in hospital, as she battles cancer.

                            Abby Lee Miller visited by 'Dance Moms' students in hospital

'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller received some special guests while she was in hospital recuperating from her chemo treatment.

The reality Tv star was visited by two of her dance students, Elliana Walmsley and Maesi Caes, on the Lifetime show. The dance instructor has been suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and recently got done her fifth chemotherapy last month.

Abby took to Instagram to express how happy she was to receive the visitors.

Miller captioned a picture of her and her students together as: "I guess it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing the kids always migrate right toward me! I guess I’m more fun than their moms! 🤫LOL! #dancemoms#abbyleemiller #abbylee #aldcalways #ALDC."

Miller has been the instructor on 'Dance Moms' which follows the training and careers of children in the showbiz industry. The show was initially set in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania but was later shifted to LA, and is primarily filmed at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) studios. 

Miller's students too took to Instagram to express their love and support for their instructor in her tough time. Maesi Caes posted a picture with Miller and captioned it as "#maesismotivationalmonday 🙏🏼❤🖤 "HERO ~ an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles" ...Miss Abby, thank you for being my hero 💪 ."

However, it wasn't the first time that Elliana Walmsley had paid her instructor a visit.

She had visited her last week, and had shared the moment on Instagram, captioning it as: "A very glum afternoon quickly turned BRIGHT seeing the BEAUTIFUL @therealabbylee! Loved chatting with her about old times, new times and future times!!!! A visit wouldn’t be complete without getting a private lesson! Feet! Let’s show Miss Abby SOME LOVE by commenting her fav emojis ♥️🖤 I’m SPAMMING FIVE of you!👀👀👀 #ALDC#yougotthis#thefuture#loveformissabby." 

As a reply to Elliana's post, Miller too posted the same picture on her Instagram handle and captioned it as: "Visiting Hours Are Over - Everybody Go Home! LOL! Thanks so much for taking the time to see me, laughter is the best medicine. #abbyleemiller #aldc #aldcla#aldcalways #dancemoms #abbylee."

Miller hasn't been in good condition of health for quite some time. Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, the orthopedic spine surgeon at Cedar Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital who had been treating Miller explained to People in April about her preliminary diagnosis.

"Over the next two days, her condition started deteriorating...Not just her pain, but her weakness started getting worse. In the span of 24 hours, which was something that I have not seen, her condition rapidly deteriorated. She was completely paralyzed from the neck down."

Miller was soon diagnosed with cancer and she revealed that she had felt excruciating pain in her neck and arm following the multi-level surgery which Dr. Melamed had performed on her for a multi-level laminectomy. She had shared a post on Instagram which read: "So much gratitude and love for those who listened, those who looked deeper and those who leapt into action. So much more I wish I could say......about how quickly your life can change at the hands of others. Thanks for 🙏🏻❤️ #abbyleemiller#abbylee #aldc #aldcla #aldcalways#dancemoms #iwilldance."