Abby Lee Miller says she wants to become an advocate and take on the system post her staycation in the desert

Speaking exlusively to MEA WorldWide, Abby Lee Miller shared about why she intends on becoming an advocate while also highlighting what she plans on doing in the future.

                            Abby Lee Miller says she wants to become an advocate and take on the system post her staycation in the desert

Abby Lee Miller is all set to make a difference in the world after winning the game in the dance industry. Speaking exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Miller revealed that she plans on becoming an advocate after she realized the problems people with disabilities often face in the world.

"When I was released from my staycation in the desert, I decided I wanted to be an advocate and just go crazy about the system because it is nuts. Then five days later I got a pain in my neck and ended up with Burkitt lymphoma and then it was a cancer thing and now I am in a wheelchair trying to ride around the streets of Los Angeles," she told MEAWW exclusively. 

Miller also spoke about the hardships that she faced in the city as she stated, "Try to find a taxi. I waited 45 minutes tonight for a handicapped taxi to come and pick me up. It's nuts. You have no idea what the routes and the streets and what they do to the sidewalk. They rip it all off and people in the wheelchair can't get through." 

However, Miller was still thinking about ways she could make a difference. She recently found out that the wheelchair she was using was 110k dollars and it left her shocked. "You could have bought me a van that I could drive with that. It is insane," she said. "Got to get the plan in action."

Meanwhile, Miller hinted that we will be seeing her in many new projects. "Creatively, we just finished airing Dance Mom 8, believe it or not. We won't go into the production of season 9 until some things are ironed out," she said. "I have a new scripted show called 'Dancing with the Dead' and I also have two more reality shows that have more to do with my staycation than the dance."

Miller also updated fans about her health stating that she was doing really well. Comparing herself to a dandelion she said, "you can't keep me down".  She further added that she was trying to focus on the positive aspect of life. "You can laugh or you can cry and I choose to laugh," she said. 

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