ABC's 'Castaways' is a reality TV spin-off of 'Lost' and a lot lonelier than 'Alone'

ABC's new show 'Castaways' is all about human endurance, need for companionship and the wild forces of nature

                            ABC's 'Castaways' is a reality TV spin-off of 'Lost' and a lot lonelier than 'Alone'
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Solitude and need for companionship will once again be put to test on ABC's new series 'Castaways'. The network described the series as "a revolutionary series testing the human need for companionship under extreme circumstances as each individual learns there are other castaways out there but are unaware of how many, their locations or when they will be rescued."

There are many reality shows where human endurance is put to test and contestants are left to fend themselves against unknown dangers and adjust themselves to raw and untamed nature. 'Castaways', however, tries to be different. In the show, 12 individuals will be torn from their everyday life, as they are left shipwrecked on an island in the South Pacific.

While the series might sound similar to History's 'Alone', in 'Castaways', none of the individuals know each other's whereabouts and will be eventually rescued by the production team. The description reads: "The only way to leave the remote islands is to persevere long enough to be rescued or to quit. As dramatic situations unfold on an expanse of islands in the South Pacific, the series flashes back to the real lives of each participant in documentary fashion, demonstrating haunting parallels to the lives they left behind."

ABC's new reality show might just be History's 'Alone', which has been running since 2015. However, there is a little difference. In History's 'Alone', the contestants are left on the island for an indefinite period, and (a lot like the 'Hunger Games') the last man standing wins. In ABC's 'Castaways', the contestants are given resources (which appear to be created by the production team) and are being filmed by the camera people. So, ABC hasn't really left its contestants all that stranded.

ABC's series 'Castaways' actually sounds a lot like its earlier scripted series 'Lost' which predominantly followed the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island where they had to face otherworldly creatures as they try to survive until the rescue team arrives. 'Lost' was created by Jeffrey Lieber, JJ Abrams, and Damon Lindelof and was filmed almost entirely on location in Hawaii by their local production company Grass Skirt Productions. 

According to the ABC press release, the contestants include:

Angel Alvarenga, aged 20, from Chatsworth, California who grew up in Honduras and was raised by his grandmother after his mother immigrated alone to California. At the age of 15, he came to the United States to be closer to his mother. His brother was recently injured as a result of gang violence back in Honduras, leaving Angel feeling trapped in the U.S., trying to find ways to afford to return to his family and help his brother.

Terry Allen, aged 62, from Agoura, California. She recently moved back home to California to help her aging parents and their growing difficulties with dementia. She’s about to send her youngest daughter off to college and has always seen herself as a caregiver. At this stage in her life, she feels conflicted by the fact that her greatest love is for her family but longs for a sense of independence.

Eric Brown, aged 31 from Glendale, California. Eric’s childhood dream to serve in the US Navy became a reality at the age of 19. After being in the service for seven years, Eric struggled with things he had witnessed while stationed in Iraq. He was able to pull himself out of that depression mainly because of his recent marriage to his girlfriend, Elise. Elise has been reluctant to share her wedding day news with her parents since she’s unsure of how they would react to her interracial relationship and fears they will contest her marriage.

Sawyer Brown, aged 30, from Willseyville, New York. Sawyer is a devoted husband and father who is a sponsored obstacle-course racing athlete, but living a healthy, happy life hasn’t always been the norm for him. He struggled with drugs and alcohol while growing up in small-town America but was able to pursue a better life through fitness. He believes he can help those with similar issues including his brother Zach who struggles with substance-abuse issues and depression.

Tim Burke, aged 50, from Plant City, Florida. Tim is a retired US Army Green Beret who has spent much of his life-fighting America’s conflicts on foreign battlefields. Retirement has not been a time of leisure as he often travels undercover around the world in order to rescue young girls from sex-trafficking rings. At times, his focus on issues abroad has caused him to neglect important issues at home.

'Castaways' premieres Tuesday, August 7 (10 pm EDT), on The ABC Television Network and will be available for streaming. It is being produced by Nomad Entertainment and executively produced by the same behind-the-scenes person from 'Alone', Grant Kahler.