'Aaron Needs a Job': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know about Kaufman's Discovery docuseries

'Aaron Needs a Job': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know about Kaufman's Discovery docuseries

Aaron Kaufman, the expert custom-car builder, is venturing into new territory as he explores mechanical worlds he has never seen or experienced before. In an all-new docuseries, he takes the audience across the country where he explores motor-driven industries. 

Here's what we know about the show so far:

Release date:

'Aaron Needs A Job' airs July 15 on the Discovery Channel.


Aaron Kaufman plays himself in the show. The famous TV personality was the former lead mechanic for Gas Monkey Garage. He also stars in the television show 'Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman'.


The official synopsis reads: "Kaufman takes viewers on a wild ride around the country as he explores exciting new motor-driven industries and meets with the machine-minded men and women who keep our world running."

Kaufman explores the world of vintage military vehicle restorations in Texas. Over the course of the series, he also joins a tugboat crew in Tacoma. Wheels apart, he also learns about the dangers of operating heavy machinery near coal dust and joins Nevada firefighters in search of his next big job. 



Kaufman serves as the executive producer of the show along with Craig Pilgian ('Survivor') and Edward Rohwedder ('Dirty Jobs'). The show is produced by Lionsgate’s Pilgrim Media Group. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and Kyle Wheeler are executive producers with Ethan Galvin and Olivia Ghersen serving as producers.




In the trailer, Kaufman is seen traveling around the country and testing out new mechanical jobs. He is also seen exploring new motor-driven jobs around the country. This includes NASA, Nevada firefighters, a Colorado coal mine, all the while meeting people and trying out their work machines. 'Aaron Needs A Job' sounds a lot like 'Dirty Jobs', but with different machines. And if anyone understands really well how machines work, that is Aaron Kaufman. He promises a “wild ride around the country.”


Watch this space for more updates on 'Aaron Needs A Job'.

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