When will ‘A Teacher’ Episode 9 air? 3 reasons why Claire might meet someone new and move on unlike Eric

Can Claire get back to her normal life after serving her jail time? The answer is no. But will she move on? Quite possible, isn't it?

                            When will ‘A Teacher’ Episode 9 air? 3 reasons why Claire might meet someone new and move on unlike Eric
Claire (FX on Hulu)

What happens when a 30-something teacher has an affair with her 17-year-old student? ‘A Teacher’ follows Claire Wilson (Kate Mara) and Eric Walker (Nick Robinson) as they navigate the complexities and consequences of the predatory relationship. The secret fling gets exposed after Claire accidentally slips it out to her friend, Kathryn Sanders (Marielle Scott).

The expose spirals into a sex crime case against Claire and she is soon put behind the bars. Episode 7 begins with a massive time jump. For starters, we see Eric at college, partying with other frat boys. We see him having sex with someone entirely new — and she asks him if “she” (most likely Claire) taught him the moves he had pulled in bed. Episode 8 then lends insight into Claire's life after she is released from prison and is dubbed a “sexual predator”.

Claire in ‘A Teacher’ (FX on Hulu)

Episode 8 Recap: Did Claire blame her f**ked up childhood for the affair? 

Can Claire get back to her normal life after serving her jail time? The answer is no. When she applies for a new job at a store, the owner yells at her, “This woman cannot work here. Google her you'll see she is a sexual predator.” Claire sobs and Googles her name when she gets home. A fresh beginning for her seems almost impossible and it doesn't seem likely she'll get one soon. 

In an argument with her brother Nate (Adam David Thompson) she puts the blame on her dad. Nate then makes it clear that he isn't going to stand up for it. “Don't blame your f**ked up childhood and take responsibility. Do you even realize the damage you've done? You've jeopardized my career, don't even get started on him (her husband Matt), he's barely functioning... and that kid.”

Meanwhile, Eric texts Claire. The two meet and talk about the past. He keeps apologizing for leaving her alone and says he needs her in his life. Claire, however, snaps back, “Look at what it's doing to us. I've tried to convince myself it's okay but it's not. Go be a kid Eric, just go.” Why didn't she say that earlier when there was still time? 

Claire in ‘A Teacher’ (FX on Hulu)

Episode 9 Predictions: Will Claire spark love with someone new?

Not a lot is known from the new episode, but we know from the summary that: “Claire and Eric separately hit their breaking points.” As the new episode begins, we feel Claire might move on with someone new, unlike Eric. Here are three reasons why. 

First, Claire never really fell in love with Eric... she was just using him to add some excitement to her morose life. Second, she doesn't really have feelings for him and isn't even sorry for what happened. Third, she is now divorced from her husband, Matt (Ashley Zukerman) and might want to add more spice to kill her solitude. 

In the end, however, she may realize what she did and reach her breaking point. Viewers can't stop expressing their rage over Claire's character. “How do you serve half a year in prison and still come out thinking you did nothing wrong!?” one said and another posted, “You spent time in jail just to come out still thinking you were right. This definitely shows her privilege! She just wanted to be “free” so she didn’t care about the consequences.”

‘A Teacher’ (FX on Hulu)

When will Episode 9 air?

‘A Teacher’ premiered on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, from 3 am ET on FX on Hulu with three back-to-back episodes. More episodes in the 10-episodic series followed every week starting from Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Directed by Hannah Fidell and written by Boo Killebrew, the new half-an-hour episode will be available to stream Tuesday, December 22, at 12.01 am EST on Hulu. The season finale will then air on December 29, 2020. 

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