When will ‘A Teacher’ Episode 10 air? 3 shocking spoilers for the bittersweet finale on the FX on Hulu series

As the FX on Hulu series leads to the season finale, will there be a happy ending for Claire and Eric? 

                            When will ‘A Teacher’ Episode 10 air? 3 shocking spoilers for the bittersweet finale on the FX on Hulu series
Eric in ‘A Teacher’ (FX on Hulu)

Spoilers for ‘A Teacher’ 

“I don’t feel forced, and I know I have the power to say no, but that isn’t the same as being in charge...” Kate Elizabeth Russell wrote in her book ‘My Dark Vanessa’. Hannah Fidell's ‘A Teacher’ based on her 2013 film leans on the same thought. The limited 10-episode series follows 30-something Claire Wilson (Kate Mara), a young teacher at a suburban Texas high school caught in an affair with her 17-year-old student, Eric Walker (Nick Robinson) as they navigate the complexities and consequences of the predatory relationship.

After the scandal is exposed, their lives are turned upside down. Despite being a victim of grooming, Eric keeps apologizing and thinks it's his fault that Claire is arrested. Moreover, the controversy leaves a deep scar on his psyche and it doesn't seem likely he will ever be able to have a normal relationship again. As the series leads to the season finale, will there be a happy ending for Claire and Eric? 

Kate Mara as Claire Wilson (FX on Hulu)

Episode 9 Recap: Did Claire's father ruin her life?

The ninth episode of ‘A Teacher’ puts their tragedy in perspective — how Claire and Eric navigate the complexities and consequences of the predatory teacher-student relationship. The secret fling is a dirty, blurred mark on Claire's character. Eric lost his innocence and youth and everyone close to Claire — from her ex-husband Matt (Ashley Zukerman) to her brother Nate (Adam David Thompson) — has suffered indignantly. 

As the episode comes to a close, Claire finally gathers courage and calls her dad Wyatt Wilson (MC Gainey) out for her troubled childhood. “Stop trying to help me,” she yells at him. “I used to go through our trash and count it. That you were going to die. Now I am supposed to watch thrive. You could be there, you just couldn't do it for me. I have spent my entire life... Running to feel safe.”

Confessing how she feels about her actions, she says, “Somehow I have hurt everyone. And I don't know how to fix it. Everybody wants me gone. I just want to be gone.” Claire's dad reassures her, “You are going to able to fix it I promise you. I know it feels that way. But you gotta stay. You gotta.” 

Claire Wilson (FX on Hulu)

Episode 10 Predictions: Is there a happy ending for Claire and Eric?

Claire and Eric have gone through a lot after the secret affair became public knowledge... But now their lives might finally change for good. After sketching out Eric's life in his college, the spotlight was on Claire after her prison time. As the two slowly embrace the new normal, here are some predictions and spoilers for the last episode. 

Is there a time jump?

Episode 7 of the FX on Hulu series had a massive time jump and the final episode might go through the same drill. When we see Claire and Eric, will they have moved on to greener pastures? Let's wait and watch. 

Matt and Claire (FX on Hulu)


Will Claire find love again? 

In the last episode, we saw how Claire enjoyed herself on her first Tinder date. Does that mean she might find love again? After all, she didn't really have feelings for Eric as it was just fun and games for her... It was all about feeling free. Meanwhile, Eric fell in love with his teacher and couldn't really forget her.

Will Claire say sorry to Eric?

It's high time that Claire realizes she is the one who was in the wrong. In the last episode, she blamed her dad for a f**ked up childhood... but is that just an excuse? Her brother Nate even told her: “Don't blame your f**ked up childhood and take responsibility. Do you even realize the damage you've done? You've jeopardized my career, don't even get started on him (her husband Matt), he's barely functioning... and that kid.”

Claire Wilson and Eric Walker (FX on Hulu)

When will the Season Finale Episode 10 air?

‘A Teacher’ premiered on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, from 3 am ET on FX on Hulu with three back-to-back episodes. More episodes in the 10-episodic series followed every week starting from Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Directed by Hannah Fidell and written by Fidell and Dana Kitchens, the new half-an-hour episode will be available to stream Tuesday, on December 29, 2020. You can stream the season finale at 12.01 am EST on Hulu. 

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