'A Sugar & Spice Holiday': Meet Jacky Lai, Tony Giroux and rest of the cast of Lifetime's holiday romance

The cast of the 'A Sugar & Spice Holiday' also includes Tzi Ma, Lillian Lim and Cardi Wong among others

                            'A Sugar & Spice Holiday': Meet Jacky Lai, Tony Giroux and rest of the cast of Lifetime's holiday romance

Lifetime's romantic holiday movie 'A Sugar & Spice Holiday' follows Suzie, who has come home for holidays. Her grandmother's demise guilts her into taking part in the local gingerbread house competition. Following in the footstep of the legendary baker, Suzie tries to come up with the perfect recipe paired with her Chinese tradition. Meet the cast of 'A Sugar & Spice Holiday' here ahead of its premiere. 

Jacky Lai 


Jacky Lai is seen as Suzie in ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’. She began her career by featuring in commercials such as  Axe Deodorant, Chevrolet, Dentyne Ice, Subway Restaurant, and Acura. She has performed in films including ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’, ‘Survivor Man and ‘Asian Action. Lai has also acted in the Lifetime TV movie ‘Straight A’s’. Her television credits include ‘Really Me’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Ransom and ‘Beyond’. She was seen as the young nun in ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Tony Giroux 


Tony Giroux plays Suzie's high school friend and love interest Billy in the Lifetime movie. He’s famous for his work in ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ and 2015’s ‘The Romeo Section’. He has acted in short films such as ‘Asylum’, ‘Saida’ and ‘Bad Ghosts’ among others. 

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW Giroux said that he's ecstatic about the fact that the movie highlights his Chinese heritage. He described his character Billy as "Cheeky and tenacious". Giroux further revealed that he's currently working on 'Motherland Fort Salem' Season 2 portraying the role of Adi'. "Very different, and just as exciting. Can’t wait for audiences to see what we’re doing there," he explained. 

Tzi Ma

Tzi Ma (Getty Images)

Tzi Ma is a Hong Kong-American actor, who is seen playing the role of Suzie's father Pete Yung in 'A Sugar & Spice Holiday'. He has portrayed several Asian characters in movies and television shows. Ma has performed in television shows such as 'Wu Assassins', 'The Resident', The Catch', 'Veep', 'Stitchers' and 'The Man in the High Castle'. The actor's film credits include, 'Mulan', 'The Farewell', 'Skyscraper', 'Diablo' and 'A Good Man'. 

Giroux told MEAWW that he was "totally starstruck" when he first met Ma on the sets of 'A Sugar & Spice Holiday'. "I remember being on my way to set with him, absolutely DYING on the inside, not knowing what to do with myself. So I put on a really cool face, looked at him and said 'Tzi, I got to tell you or else I won’t be able to work. GAH! I am ECSTATIC to work with you. I think you’re absolutely brilliant!' he said. 

Lillian Lim

Lillian has since booked roles in five feature films (The Unseen (2014), DARC (2015), Birth of the Dragon (2016), Meditation Park (2017) and The Perfection (2018).

Cardi Wong

Cardi Wong is an actor out of Vancouver, British Columbia.He has appeared in many movies, tv shows and commercials. Wong's TV credits include 'What We Once Were', 'Lucifer', 'Supergirl', 'The Magicians', 'Supernatural' and 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' among others. In 2020, Wong was cast as Marty on 'A Million Little Things'.

'A Sugar & Spice Holiday' will premiere on December 13 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime only. 

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