'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 7 sees Jung Hae-in's Ha Won begin to pursue Seo-woo, but in an unexpected way

In 'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 7 we see Ha Won and Seo-woo at a place where they are not officially dating or in love but are very much on the way to falling for each other

                            'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 7 sees Jung Hae-in's Ha Won begin to pursue Seo-woo, but in an unexpected way
Chae Soo-bin and Jung Hae-in (tvN)

'A Piece of Your Mind' last saw Ha Won (Jung Hae-in) ask Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin) to stay next to him and this episode sees her do the same while she also begins to deal with her own traumatic loss. To understand what Ha Won means, Seo-woo begins by texting him her thoughts. The two speak about weather, music and casual things before Seo-woo builds up the courage to ask him exactly what he wants from her. Ha Won responds unexpectedly with a simple answer and says that he wants her to be by his side just as the air she breathes is settled around him. Poetic, yes but simple enough. 

Helping Ha Won deal with his grief and loss has also given Seo-woo the strength to look at her own past and she finally decides that it is time to visit her town where her parents stayed their entire life. The first time, a day before their memorial (death anniversary); she is able to go as far as the bus depot but returns after she gets anxious and instead spends some time with Ha Won. She listens to him play music really badly, calms down a lot on the day of the memorial itself and the next day she gets on the bus. Even then, she hesitates throughout and every time she thinks of backing out of the visit Ha Won nudges her. 

A still of Seo-woo in 'A Piece of Your Mind' episode 7. (tvN)

He travels with her, without her knowledge and sends messages to keep her going. This continues until Seo-woo arrives at her parents' home where she just loses it and ends up sobbing uncontrollably. She then ends up playing the bad music that she recorded with Ha Won and tells her parents who have passed that she has been doing well. While Ha Won might have played really badly, Seo-woo was happy when she was recording the music and that is what really counts. It took her time to finally be able to visit her own home and Ha Won's company helped her to a great extent in making her visit possible. 

When Seo-woo finally sees Ha Won in the village as she walks back home, the excuse he gives her is that he wanted to stay by her side. They end up traveling back to Seoul together and when they do arrive at the Seo-woo's homestay, they end up not wanting to part. It is not similar to two people dating, but it is more about the two of them not wanting to disturb the comfort that they had built between the two of them. So instead, they end up setting up the work/home place that Ha Won had bought in memory of Ji Soo. The one that he had left empty for far too long. 

The two end up passing out after moving things around, and Ha Won, who had been suffering from insomnia for a long while was finally able to sleep through the night and so was Seo-woo; who had a habit of waking up at 2 am and 4 am every night. The two of them seem to influence each other in unexpected ways where each of their habits that they had left behind because of their trauma are being picked up again. The two of them are just beginning to get to know each other and it is quite sweet. 

A still of Ha Won in 'A Piece of Your Mind' episode 7. (tvN)

While Ha Won and Seo-woo are on the road to healing; Mr. Kang is getting worse by the day. He is in a slump after his wife Ji Soo's death and after finding out that she was friends with Seo-woo, Mr. Kang has been unable to get the thought out of his head that Ji Soo might have confessed something to Seo-woo about his past. This has affected him so much that he gets pushed out of recording for an important album that he was working on. 

The person who helps him every time he is on the verge of a panic attack is the Studio manager Soon-Ho (Lee Ha-na). It also helps him see Seo-woo during his performance as she seems to have some kind of calming effect on him. However, this has to be considered the calm before the storm!

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