'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 4 sees Seo-woo and Ha Won help each other grieve and find comfort together

This chapter is all about overcoming the grief of losing someone you love and through Ha Won and Seo-woo, we see how it sometimes brings comfort too

                            'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 4 sees Seo-woo and Ha Won help each other grieve and find comfort together
Jung Hae-in and Chae Soo-bin (tvN)

'A Piece of Your Mind' Episode 4 sees a piece of Ji-soo bring Ha Won (Jung Hae-in) and Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin) closer, but real Ji Soo's husband is mourning her loss without any support. His mistake from the past that led Ji Soo to go to Norway in the first place comes to haunt him, and he is also drowning in guilt.

The episode begins where we left, with Seo-woo asking the virtual Ji Soo if she would be interested in talking to Ha Won. Ji Soo responds that she doesn't want to and that leaves Ha Won disappointed. Seo-woo is also unable to confess the whole truth about Ji Soo's reaction. The fact that it was Seo-woo's one-sided love for Ha Won that activated the characteristics of real Ji Soo into the AI is something that Seo-woo doesn't want to reveal and this causes Ha Won to believe that Ji Soo's point of reaction was not Ha Won himself but Seo-woo.

This makes him further unhappy because his AI's point of reaction was a memory related to Ji Soo. He realizes that Seo-woo and Ji Soo also spoke about their life and shared secrets that they wouldn't with anyone else and this cements his belief that Ji Soo did not really think of him as fondly as he thought of her.

Ha Won (tvN)

What really brought Ha Won and Seo-woo together though is their loss.

Speaking about all the secrets that Seo-woo and Ji Soo shared, it reminds Ha Won of an incident from the past. He had visited a village in the past where fatefully he came across Seo-woo's parents' house before the forest fire, and he sends Seo-woo the picture that he had clicked then. This evokes a sense of gratitude in her and she promises Ha Won that she will help him converse with Ji Soo without her knowledge. Both Ha Won and Seo-woo understand the complexity of grieving and that is the reason why they are so categorically able to help each other out. Not only that. They also see the beauty in each other's grief. Seo-woo has, in fact, fallen for Ha Won because of how he is grieving the loss of Ji Soo.

The episode also introduces another woman who seems to be mourning the loss of her daughter. Ha Won's company had decided to test their AI tech and she is one of the patients to have signed up for it. Coincidentally, she also ends up renting a room at the homestay that Seo-woo stays at and that's when you realize that 'A Piece of Your Mind' is about people who have experienced unexplainable loss overcome it.

How they go about it hints at how much they loved the person. From wanting to visit the places that one's loved one visited, seeing things that they saw and eating things that they tasted, to hearing their voice before you fall asleep — this episode particularly draws upon the different ways each of them go about it.

Seo-woo (tvN)

When Ha Won and Seo-woo face their grief together, the two of them don't realize that Ji Soo's husband is near them as well. Ji Soo's husband is the musician that Seo-woo is currently recording and he is suffering the loss of his wife too and this is affecting his music. He grieves alone and the darkness that surrounds him as he does so is something that we see as well. How will grief bring all of them together?

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