Mom arrested after her 7-year-old son went to school high on crack

The boy was reportedly found drowsy and unresponsive in his classroom before the teachers called the paramedics. His mother was called and she herself was high on drugs.

                            Mom arrested after her 7-year-old son went to school high on crack
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A woman has been arrested and jailed after it was found that her young seven-year-old son showed up to his school high on cocaine. The boy's teachers frantically called the paramedics after he became sleepy and unresponsive in the classroom at the North Elementary School in Urbana, Ohio.

The boy’s teacher found him passed out at his desk and couldn’t wake him. He finally stumbled to the cafeteria where he passed out again.

WDTN, a local news channel, reported that the doctors at the hospital found cocaine, a class A drug, in the boy's system after they ran a series of tests. The mother, whose identity hasn't been revealed, was taken into custody by the police after she went to the Urbana Mercy Health Hospital to pick up her son. The woman was then found to be under the influence of a cocktail of cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl herself.

The woman told the police then that her son may have inhaled some of her drugs before going to school when she wasn't looking. She now faces multiple charges of drug use and possession.

What's more is that the woman told the authorities that her son had been at his grandmother’s house that morning where the grandmother and her friends were cooking crack cocaine. 

A neighbor, Benjamin Cash, told WDTN: "It almost brings a tear to your eye. It's crazy. You got to be thankful for the good staff members and good teachers."  

Lee Ann Steed, another neighbor, said: "A seven-year-old child should never even be around drugs. They shouldn't even know the word cocaine or any other substance. It's just not fair." The boy is said to be out of danger now.