'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 1: Rome-Regina's adoption leads to rift, fans want them to heal first

Episode 1 saw Rome get a call from Gloria about the possibility of being able to adopt another child

                            'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 1: Rome-Regina's adoption leads to rift, fans want them to heal first
Rome and Regina (ABC)

Rome and Regina have been fans' favorite couple since the beginning of 'A Million Little Things' and not much has changed in Season 3. In fact, after the fiasco of the adoption plans, fans are more invested in Rome and Regina and want to see how the power couple manages to move past this struggle. Initially, Rome and Regina had decided that they will not have kids. However, things have changed now and both Rome and Regina are open to adoption.

Right when Regina had just warmed up to the idea of being a parent and having a baby, all of it disappears into thin air as Eve, the mother whose child the couple was supposed to adopt figures out that she wants the baby. This has led to a rift of sorts between Rome and Regina. Rome wants to try again and as soon as possible that while Regina is grieving the loss of a child. In the premiere episode of season 3, this is what we see the couple go through as they try to figure out how to respond to Gloria's call about another child that is up for adoption. After Gary hears from Gloria, he wants to give the whole deal another shot but Regina puts the brakes on this as she tells him that she is not ready to erase the memory of one child by adopting another.

Rome blames Regina and tells her that she is not open to starting a family with him, and she responds that just the two of them could be family. He also blames her for not agreeing to adoption "again" and this unfair observation makes Regina mad. In fact, she points out that she was the one who came up with the idea of adoption. As Rome and Rowena attempt to come to an agreement, fans disagree about something else too and that is the fact that Rome didn't keep his promise. He had agreed to not having kids at that point, but now he wants one. He believes that only a child will make him feel as if he belonged. There is another section that believes Rome is being too pushy and noted how Regina, by calling Rome out, had been right. 

One fan on Reddit wrote, "Yet she's (Regina) 100% right. Rome pushed too hard for a child. Regina was only just starting to change her mind about kids. Rome's being unreasonable with expecting so much." Another fan wrote, "I hoped Maggie was gone for good — or at least had traded in her wig for something less awful."

A few fans also took to Twitter to speculate that Rome and Regina might also broke up. One fan wrote, "All that right there can break up a marriage. I hope Rome and Regina can handle this. #AMillionLittleThings." Another fan added, " Another fan added, "Oh man, this conversation is as real as it gets and while I understand Rome wanting that baby, I totally get where Regina is coming from too. They need to mourn their loss first and heal. Why does TV make it so hard for loving couples to have families?!  #AMillionLittleThings."



Many fans on Reddit also found it unbelievable that the husband and wife were aware of the adoption. One fan wrote, "Not realistic for Rome and Regina to ALREADY have another baby lined up. I'm rolling my eyes that they can get a baby mere hours later."

'A Million Little Things' airs on ABC on Thursday night episode week.

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