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'A Million Little Things' Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Difficult conversations for all

The friends address 'the talks' with their near and dear ones
Grace Park as Katherine Saville and Tristan Byon as Theo Saville in 'A Million Little Things' (Instagram - @millionlittlethingsabc)
Grace Park as Katherine Saville and Tristan Byon as Theo Saville in 'A Million Little Things' (Instagram - @millionlittlethingsabc)

The recent episode of ABC's 'A Million Little Things' showcased several uncomfortable but important conversations. Starting with an awkward meet between Theo Saville (Tristan Byon) and Greta Strobe (Cameron Esposito), to Camden aka "Cam" (Ryan Hansen) showing up at Gary's "to talk", and Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) standing her ground with the band tour she's adamant about going to against Eddie's wishes, this episode is as important as the jovial ones we're used to seeing. 

In addition, a sweet Theo tells his mother that he'd like to have Greta home more often; the young man has figured out she isn't "just a friend" of Katherine's. It's heartwarming to see how understanding and mature he is for his age. He even changed his dream from being an astronaut to an ER doctor because he's still worried about his mom, and always wants to be around to take care of her. Read on to know what other updates took place on our favorite romcom


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Unfortunately, things didn't go hunky-dory for Cam. In fact, he showed up at Gary's place to sort things out in regard to Maggie, little knowing that she had already moved on from him, with Gary. Heartbreaking isn't strong enough a word for what he must have gone through, and although Gary and Maggie's time has finally come, it looks like Cam's out of the picture. 

Parallelly, we also see a stubborn and bratty Sophie being a tad too disrespectful to Eddie, whose only intention is to watch out for her. While she has made up her mind about going on her band tour, he comes around in time, and even gifts her his prized guitar. Sophie appreciates the thoughtful gesture but gives it back to him saying, "You're not done with it yet", thereby motivating him to get back to playing some tunes on his most prized possession. 

While Eddie is more or less like Sophie's guardian angel, Gary is Danny Dixon's (Chance Hurstfield) go-to. He even complies with Danny's adorable request of taking over a care package with a handwritten card to his boyfriend, Milo's place. Unfortunately, this is shortly before the 14-year-old gets cheated on, and Gary is no less of a father figure to comfort and care for Danny. Their dynamic is truly inspiring and wholesome on so many levels. 

What's to expect on the show for next week's episode? Stay tuned!

New episodes of 'A Million Little Things' air every Wednesday, at 10 pm ET, on ABC.