'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 3: Will Jamie help Maggie start a podcast?

They might have started off on a bad note but maybe here is a clue that their relationship will change for the better

                             'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 3: Will Jamie help Maggie start a podcast?

Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) is ready for new adventures. Her chapter in Boston might be on pause for now, but she is not wasting time sulking around in London. What Gary, who Gary? Her relationship with James Roday Rodriguez's Gary was left incomplete at the end of the last season and they might not be getting back anytime soon. In the second episode of 'A Million Little Things', the show teased that Maggie might be starting her own podcast. And her new roommate Jamie (Chris Geere) should be taking most of the credit for it. The two might have started off on the wrong foot but maybe, here is a clue that their relationship will change for the better. 

In the previous episode of the series, Maggie and her roommate bond and set the stone for a strong friendship at the very least. They talk about random things and everything in between. From recent problems to childhood issues, Jamie and Maggie had been discussing old and new things as if they were long lost friends! Viewers of the show who watched this exchange are confident that sooner or later, the two will sleep together and even become a couple with all those romantic feelings involved. But will it be easy for Maggie to get over Gary and begin a new relationship? Sure maybe, but it won't happen anytime soon. 

What is going to happen soon is Maggie and Jamie's growing friendship. In the previous episode, we saw Maggie end the night speaking into a mic, narrating details like she was doing a podcast. Jamie had been suggesting her to do something if she is to get over Gary. This simple advice could be dismissed at first, but when they talk it out, their conversation is quite wholesome. 

It's not just Jamie helping Maggie out. Being a therapist, she listens to her new friend and roommate talk about his painful past, hears him out as he talks about his insecurities and troubles. 

Away from the rest of the crowd of 'A Million Little Things', which is in Boston, it might end up doing some good for Maggie. The character is despised because of her associations with the group. This time away might do well for her.  If there is a podcast happening, it will be surrounding Maggie's big move to London, adapting to a new country and living away from home and loved ones, personal development and whatnot. Of course, there will be chapters dedicated to love. But probably close to when they do actually fall in love. 

Watch what happens next with Maggie and Jamie on 'A Million Little Things', which airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET /PT on ABC. 

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