'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 1: Fans find more reason to hate Maggie, say 'some things never change'

The premiere episode of 'A Million Little Things' Season 3 saw Maggie arrive at Oxford where she meets her new roommate Jamie, but every goes sideways as soon as she meets him

                            'A Million Little Things' Season 3 Episode 1: Fans find more reason to hate Maggie, say 'some things never change'
Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom in 'A Million Little Things' (ABC)

'A Million Little Things' is back with Season 3 and right off the start, fans have found more reason to hate Maggie. Gary's ex, who had left him to explore her life in Oxford on a scholarship, has arrived across the Atlantic and ends up offending her new flatmate right off the bat by wrecking his chances with his girlfriend. It is peculiar that Maggie is left to experience the mundane as she struggles to adapt to a country while her friend, Eddie, is lying on the hospital bed after getting into a car accident. As she struggles to strum up 10 pounds to hand over to the driver, she is left with just one choice and that is to reach out to her new roommate for the money.

She arrives at her flat and finds herself face to face with a woman who looks extremely upset. Maggie assumes this woman to be Jaime and introduces herself. She apologizes profusely for making a bad first impression and asks to borrow the money. However, what gets instead is a woman who sobs about how mean her boyfriend is. Maggie announces that she is a psychologist and advises this woman to not continue her relationship considering how the man has left her in pieces.

However, turns out, Jaime is not the woman that Maggie had first met, but the man who walks out of the room to find Maggie groping around in a wallet for some change. Of course, in the universe of 'A Million Little Things', this is just about enough to hate on Maggie. Just as expected, fans took to social media to react and did not show mercy for this character.

One angry fan wrote on Reddit, "I hoped Maggie was gone for good- or at least had traded in her wig for something less awful." To this, another responded, "That's why I hoped for a time jump." Of course, in comparison, Maggie's ex Gary is receiving a lot of love for his performance in the premiere episode. One fan wrote, "Gary once again proving he’s the best," while another responded, "And Maggie is the worst!" Considering how the fans have been hating on Maggie since she broke up with Gary right before moving to Oxford, it is not surprising then that a fan would say, "Some things never change."

However, it looks like the writers may have just tried to give Maggie some redeeming qualities that will help fans warm up to her again. Especially consider the Facetime conversation between Maggie and Delilah. During this call, Delilah lists out all the reasons why Maggie is a nice and helpful person as if chiding the audience for their criticism. In fact, a fan noticed this too and shared it on Twitter. "Super subtle part of tonight’s #AMillionLittleThings premiere, but the FaceTime convo between Delilah & Maggie tonight was cool to see. Reminds me of my convos with my best friend and it made me smile. Love it @allisonemiller & @stephshortstak!



'A Million Little Things' Season 3 episodes will air on Thursday nights.

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