'A Million Little Things' Season 2: Fans fear for Rome and Regina after Eve's 'psycho boyfriend' comes in

'A Million Little Things' Season 2: Fans fear for Rome and Regina after Eve's 'psycho boyfriend' comes in
Eve, Rome Howard and Regina Howard (ABC)

Spoiler alert for 'A Million Little Things' Season 2 

Rome and Regina Howard (Romany Malco and Christina Moses) decided that they wanted to adopt a baby together just before the show went on its fall break. When the show returned, it showed the couple filling out application forms, attending meetings for the adoption process and also a brawl resulting in jail time for some parties. 

But Rome and Regina turned out lucky because they seem to have found a mother willing to allow them to adopt her baby. When they met Eve (Ebboney Wilson), everything seemed just normal until she mentioned that the father of the baby is an abusive ex-boyfriend. Things were going just smooth for the trio with the whole adoption process working out in everyone's favor - Rome and Regina were getting the chance to adopt a newborn and Eve would have the satisfaction of knowing that she chose responsible parents - until Derek Jones (Michael Drayer), Eve's ex-boyfriend, showed up. 

With his arrival on the show, the trio has been walking on eggshells. In the latest episode, the farce was up as Derek found out that Rome and Regina are the couple adopting the kid and are just not the couple employing Eve in their restaurant. By the end of the episode, he storms into Regina's restaurant threatening them. 

Michael Drayer as Derek and Ebboney Wilson as Eve on 'A Million Little Things' (ABC)

This has got fans of the show worried. "Who thinks Eve is legit? Who thinks the boyfriend will blackmail [Rome] and [Regina] for money? Who thinks this super fast adoption is a good plot idea for this show that has a million (pun intended) things going on?" asked a fan on Reddit. "I think Eve is a disaster waiting to blow up Rome and Regina's life. It was a dumb idea to adopt a newborn and to do it so quickly. I think this adoption was never meant to go well. Tv shows never want anyone to be happy. Rome and Regina could have adopted an older kid and they could do a PSA about adopting older kids. But noooooo, it had to be a baby from lying mom and psych abusive dad," they noted. 

Fans have been suspicious about Eve ever since her first appearance on the show. "I feel like Eve is a little too good to be true and things are going too perfectly (aside from the psycho boyfriend)," noted a fan. Plus, many fans find it unsettling that the couple has chosen to adopt a newborn child shortly after coming to the decision to adopt, especially since Regina was against the idea for the longest time. 

"I am completely bothered by how television keeps handling people, women in particular, who want to stay child-free. They seem to almost always change their minds...but not only that, but when they do change their minds, they always go for the newborns," they noted. "Which is why I had feared that this exact thing would happen with Regina...and I was right. That's why they should have had Regina compromise by looking into adopting an older child. That would have been a much more smart idea," the fan said. 

'A Million Little Things' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm on ABC. 

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