'A Million Little Things' Episode 13: Sophie and Delilah reconcile after Pop-pop's visit

Sophie meeting Lenny was a gateway to her knowing what her mother really went through in her marriage. While the episode does not justify infidelity in any way it helps alleviate the blame

                            'A Million Little Things' Episode 13: Sophie and Delilah reconcile after Pop-pop's visit

This story contains major spoilers for Season 2 Episode 13 of 'A Million Little Things' titled 'Daisy' 

Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) finally knows the reason behind her mother's infidelity. In an episode where Delilah Dixon's (Stephanie Szostak) father Lenny (Paul Guilfoyle) makes an appearance, information is revealed that changes Sophie's perspective of Delilah's past deeds. 

At the beginning of the episode, Delilah is helping her father admit himself to an old-age home. Now suffering from Alzheimer's disease, this way, her father has the assistance he might require any time and she can also be at his disposal whenever needed. But with all the amenities this home comes with, they lose Lenny. 

It is Sophie who figures out where he might be. It is pizza Fridays and her grandfather is perhaps getting some sausages. And she was right. When she locates her grandfather, Sophie gets him into a car ready to drive him back to the assisted living home.

It is in the car where, Lenny, mistaking Sophie for Delilah, talks to her about a conversation they had years ago - about Delilah's unhappy marriage. 

Delilah had been unhappy with Jon for years. An unhappy Jon had very little to offer to her, not that he didn't love their family. Delilah wanted more and she was supposed to talk to Jon, but before she could get to it, he committed suicide. Lenny also reveals that Delilah was putting up with the relationship because of her children. 

While the reason behind her infidelity does not excuse Delilah from taking responsibility for her actions, which she has done over the course of the last few episodes in a redemptive arc, it proves to Sophie that cheating is also a very complex subject. There is a lot of grey area and human beings, being the complex creatures that they are, can rarely understand the other perspective without coloring it with their prejudice. 

So far, Sophie was angry with Delilah because she kept thinking about how her mother wronged her father. Even in her rebuttals, she pointed out much Jon loved his wife and their family together. 

But after this revelation from her grandfather, Sophie now knows that her mother was miserably unhappy in her marriage. And that doesn't make it okay for cheating on Jon, it makes her human. And from this understanding, comes forgiveness. 

'A Million Little Things' airs on Thursdays at 10/ 9c on ABC. 

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