'A Million Little Things': Fans no longer wish to see Maggie with Gary, say he can do better

'A Million Little Things': Fans no longer wish to see Maggie with Gary, say he can do better
James Roday as Gary Mendez and Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom (Jack Roward/ ABC)

Spoiler alert for 'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 13 'Daisy' 

It is hard to say that Gary Mendez (James Roday) and Allison Miller (Maggie Bloom) were a thoroughly beloved couple. Fans of the show liked them together yet had mixed feelings about the couple. Several fans recognized early on that the main link keeping them together is cancer both of them were fighting, individually and together.

It is a strong bond that ties them together even now after their breakup and is a bond that somehow manages to bring them back together every now and then, sometimes more painfully for one than the other.

"Liked them together in season 1. Now they kind of annoy me, but I feel like they're better as individuals when they together. In the meaning that I just can't stand them when they're apart now and I think them being in a relationship somehow made them less annoying," noted a fan.


"Yeah I wanted them together in the beginning but now not so much," concurred another. 

Episode 13 was a particularly angsty one for Gary's fans, who couldn't see his heartbreak once more at Maggie's hand. "I'm hoping Gary just meets someone else. Maybe Ashley comes back or someone new. And Maggie gets jealous," noted a fan.

In fact, Gary's clout is practically hating on Maggie right now. Well, technically, they have been hating Maggie since their breakup. "I can’t stand Maggie. She needs to go. Never want to see her again. Gary can do so much better. I don’t even like her voice," commented a fan. 

Perhaps it is not entirely wrong that Gary and Maggie find each other in desperate times. They still have a lot of strong emotions involved with each other, plus their breakup was highly emotional. With fans not wanting to see the couple together at all. Will the makers oblige? Are Gary and Maggie done for good?


'A Million Little Things' airs on Thursdays at 10/ 9c on ABC.

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