'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 8 sees Maggie look at moving to Oxford University while Gary tries to hide his fears

'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 8 sees Maggie look at moving to Oxford University while Gary tries to hide his fears

Major spoilers ahead for season 2 episode 8 'Goodnight' of 'A Million Little Things'

In season 2 alone, Gary (James Roday) and Maggie (Allison Miller) have been through a lot. Their relationship, which isn't even a year old, has sustained a decent amount of stress.

First, it was Maggie discovering that her mother Patricia (Melora Hardin) had allowed her brother's heart to be transplanted onto Eric (Jason Ritter). This had led to a distance between Gary and Maggie, where he even felt that he is losing Maggie to someone else. Then Maggie happened to lose Gary's god Colin. While that issue is now settled, it had led to some initial friction between the two. And now in episode 8, their relationship has to pass yet another hurdle.

Maggie receives a call from Oxford University, London, regarding her fellowship application. Apparently, she had applied for the opportunity as very long time back and never imagined getting a call from them. When she got sick, she deferred but got in touch with the university once again requesting them to reconsider her application. And they did!

At first, Gary is surprised by this sudden news sprung upon him. But their conversation is cut short when they receive a call with the unfortunate news of Rome's (Romany Malco) mother's demise. It is at the funeral that it is revealed - Gary has lost his job. And the only other person to know this is Regina (Christina Moses). He hasn't told Maggie yet either and now doesn't know how to since there is a year-long fellowship program that is on the table and he is afraid that his unemployment might affect Maggie's decision. 

While Maggie is still awaiting the final results of her application, where will their relationship go from here?

Afterward, Gary decorates Maggie's study with Great Britain knick-knacks. And all seems well between them. But is their relationship due for a big turn? Gary points out how the year-long fellowship program is longer than the duration of time they've known each other for. Of course, this is all subject to Oxford accepting Maggie's application and getting her on board. But it remains to be seen what decisions each of them take. Will Gary's current employment status affect Maggie's decisions?


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