Celebs including Caitlyn Jenner supporting Russia in FIFA World Cup, for each goal they score 10k goes to the LGBTQ community

To highlight Russia's hostile policies against the community, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power will donate £10,000 for every goal the team scores in the world cup

                            Celebs including Caitlyn Jenner supporting Russia in FIFA World Cup, for each goal they score 10k goes to the LGBTQ community
Caitlyn Jenner (Getty Images)

Russia thrashing Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the FIFA World Cup opener was a major triumph for the LGBTQ community. Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, who brought to light that every goal the host country scores, the LGBTQ community will be receiving £10,000 from Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.

The largest country in the world by area is also the most hostile nation towards the LGBTQ community and does not offer any protection to gay couples as it does to straight ones. Though the country decriminalized sexual activity between the same sex in 1993, they are still deprived of basic rights. So, it was a shocking moment when the former Olympian said her team was Russia this year.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the opening ceremony prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Group A match between Russia and Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium on June 14, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)

Then she went on to explain the reason why. She first justified, "No, I haven't gone crazy. In fact, in my old Olympic days, the Russians were the ones I wanted to beat and, in fact, did."

Then she went on to explain the reason why. "Well, for every goal that they score, Paddy Power is donating £10,000 to LGBT causes."

A genius strike to make an anti-LGBT country support the community they more or less condemn raised the bar high for the kind of bets we place during the World Cup.

"Now, I think this is great. Russia being one of the most anti-LGBT countries in the world is now going to be supporting the community.So let's get our Russian on this year. Cheer for them at the World Cup and help support Paddy Power and the community and hopefully, we can raise a lot of money," the 68-year-old concluded.

Yesterday, after Russia's win, the controversial Paddy Power donated £50k. 

Despite garnering huge A-list supporters, Paddy Power was thoroughly criticized by the reigning American rapper Cardi B, soon after the company spray painted a polar bear with St George's cross. 

Now that Cradi B has done our talking and Paddy Power has issued an apology, let's move on to other A-list celebrities who are using the World Cup in Russia as a platform to draw attention on larger issues. 

International rugby referee Nigel Owens, has also teamed up with the Irish bookmaker to help raise funds for LGBT groups and charities. 

Another rugby player Gareth Thomas also extended support to Russia for the same reason.

Swimmer Mark Andrew Foster cites the same reason as Caitlyn Jenner for supporting the host country. 

England women's football striker Lianne Sanderson was also one of the excited Twitter users when Russia was scoring continuous goals.

Choreographer Louie Spence also was team Russia and so was the British actor, Christopher Biggins.

American actor, who we've always known as an ardent Vladimir Putin supporter, Steven Seagal, is also on the list of Russian supporters. But it is unlikely that he is supporting the country for the aforementioned reason. Afterall the star of 'Under Seige' is also a Russian citizen and Putin famously handed the actor, a Russian Passport in 2016.

A-list celebrities supporting Russia this World Cup, be it for a larger cause or not, did not go well with the fans.

A Twitter user commented on Caitlyn's stand; "the same russians that meddled in our elections? the same russians that make it illegal to be gay? you're poorly informed"

Memes were also used in the thread and one user pointed out at Caitlyn that this was not her first time "changing sides." 

The freedom of choice and motives of celebs comes at a price of scrutiny, especially when it is about a big game like the World Cup. We hope Donald Trump's aware.