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'A Christmas Together With You'Review: A charming tale of connection and reconnection

Will Megan and Frank's efforts to find his lost love bear fruit?
Laura Vandervoort and Niall Matter in 'A Christmas Together With You' (Hallmark)
Laura Vandervoort and Niall Matter in 'A Christmas Together With You' (Hallmark)

Spoilers for 'A Christmas Together With You'

Hallmark's latest addition to their special Countdown to Christmas is the romance flick 'A Christmas Together With You'. The movie stars Laura Vandervoort and veteran actor Harry Lennix in the lead and will bring in the magic of Christmas.

'A Christmas Together With You' will follow the journey of Megan and her father-figure, Frank, as they set out on a wintery journey to find Frank's long-lost love. Circumstances had forced him to lose her, but with the encouragement of Megan, he decides to have a second go with the lady he once loved dearly. Read on to know our thoughts on the Hallmark Christmas romance.


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'A Christmas Together With You' introduces us to Megan (Laura Vandervoort) for whom Christmas this year is painful as she was supposed to be getting married. Also, in the picture is Frank (Harry Lennix), her longtime customer who is basically family and the closest person to a father figure for Megan. Frank's a widower while Megan needs a break from her life. Circumstances lead the two to take a road trip to find Frank's long-lost love, his high school sweetheart Claire (Liza Huget). What follows is a sweet second chance with a surprise in store for Megan.

Laura Vandervoort and Harry Lennix in 'A Christmas Together With You' (Hallmark)

The Hallmark Christmas romance is a light and warming watch that is just perfect for this cold season. Each one of us has a what if? in our lives, be it minor or major. It leaves us wondering and longing for something that could have been. Frank's was his first love Claire, who he had let go of in his youth. The romance includes some good ol' wooing, new meetings, and fate playing its part as the duo tries and deal with matters of the heart.

Laura Vandervoort and Harry Lennix made a really good pair, with the two of them sharing an easy and comfortable camaraderie that perfectly captured their familial bond.  Full of the beauty of Christmas the flick is just the right setting for Megan who has been having a tough time. As she discovers and follows her true passion, we can't help but support her as she navigates new waters. Just like most things in life, love too doesn't come easy as we see Frank not get the reaction he hoped for from Claire. Misunderstandings and unsaid words make for a realistic portrayal of love that sees hardships as not everything can be hunky-dory. Life has different things in store for each of them as we see Megan unexpectedly connect with Steve (Niall Matter), the lodge owner.

The two bond and share their thoughts, concerns and true wishes with each other which quite sweetly captured the lovely feeling of just having someone to talk to freely, without being judged. Just as hope was lost and goodbyes were said, happiness rears its head once more when Claire gives Frank another chance while Megan gets together with Steve, making for a very happy and toasty warm ending.

Laura Vandervoort as Megan in 'A Christmas Together With You' (Hallmark)

'A Chrismas Together With You' is a charming watch full of life, love, and the trials and tribulations they bring to each one's life. Perfect for getting in the spirit of Christmas we recommend getting together with a loved one or just someone who means a lot to you and tucking into this pretty watch. A story of connection and reconnection the Hallmark movie packs in warmth.

'A Christmas Together With You' is available to watch on the Hallmark Channel.