Woman charged with drunk driving took her own life to escape from disappointing her father

The bakery assistant manager had apparently hanged herself to death because she said she could not 'take any disappointment in her dad's eyes.'

                            Woman charged with drunk driving took her own life to escape from disappointing her father
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A woman hanged herself to death after she realized her arrest over drunk driving would disappoint her parents, especially her father. For 30-year-old, Mary-Ann Dust, the decision to end her life, seemed easier than telling her father about her drunk-driving stint, for he had been strict "Anti-drink driving" campaigner.

Dust was due in court on the day she died.

Mary-Ann Dust, who worked at The Cornish Bakery in Bowness, Cumbria, was found hanged by her partner at their Windermere home in March last year, reports the Daily Mail. 

Dust's grieving mother Sue told Kendal Coroners' Court that her daughter's father "is very anti-drink-driving." It was coroner Robert Chapman who, in a narrative conclusion, said that Dust died from hanging after trying to protect her parents from any worry.

He told her heartbroken mother Sue: "One of her problems was she did keep things to herself. She didn't confide in you or your husband of this concern about the court appearance. It was preying on her mind because she felt like she let you down." He added, "She was a lovely girl, well-liked by family and liked by people that she worked with. She played life close to her chest."

Sue said that she understood completely her daughter had blown twice the legal limit from alcohol consumption. Sue told the hearing this week: "She was very protective so didn't want to cause us any worry. She couldn't have handled us knowing, but it wasn't the end of the world."

"Over the years she said she couldn't take any disappointment in her dad's eyes. Her dad is very anti-drink-driving. She would have been absolutely mortified that she damaged other people's property."

The inquest heard that Dust was found hanged by her painter and decorator partner Dale Bowe after he returned home from work at around 6.45pm. Even though paramedics reached the scene immediately, they declared her dead upon their arrival. As per a toxicology report, there were traces of cannabis and alcohol found in her blood.

The inquest also heard that Dust suffered from depression which she managed with cannabis and alcohol. But a statement from a GP, at Bowness and Windermere Medical Practice, claimed that Dust had last seen them for anxiety and depression in 2015.

"She was a wonderful person," said Sue. "She thought she could fix the world. She would take on everyone's problems - sometimes too much."