98-year-old man walks 6 miles every day to visit paralyzed wife in hospital

A 98-year-old man has been walking 6 miles every day to visit his paralyzed wife who is in the hospital

                            98-year-old man walks 6 miles every day to visit paralyzed wife in hospital
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A 98-year-old man has proved that love knows no boundaries and no obstacle can get in the way of true love. Luther Younger who hails from Rochester, New York has been walking around 6 miles every day for the past two weeks to visit his paralyzed wife in the hospital. 

According to Spectrum News, Luther said, "I ain’t nothing without my wife. It’s been a rough pull. It’s been tough". As per reports, Luther is a Korean war veteran who has been married to his wife Waverly for the last 50 years. In 2009, his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and is presently admitted to the Strong Memorial Hospital. Luther is known for walking everywhere and has not missed visiting his wife since the day she got paralyzed. 

A bystander Dan Bookhard who was leaving the airport in his car saw Luther walking alongside the highway. "My upbringing; when you see somebody elderly when you see somebody struggling when it’s raining… I had to pick him up and I couldn’t be one of the ones who would just drive by," he shared.


Lutheter Younger who is Luther's daughter told Yahoo Lifestyle that she had moved her parents out of their home and had them move in with her. Since then, she and her sister Joyce have been looking after their parents and taking care of them. She also added that her father Luther "does not have to" walk to the hospital but "he wants to" before adding that "I can drive him. He just doesn’t want to wait; he’s impatient". "He still says, ‘nope I have to get out there to my wife. I have to go," she continued.


A GoFundMe page was created for the couple and has raised $46,254 out of $115,000 so far. The money raised will be used to help clear some of the medical expenses and also for rides to and from the hospital for Luther. Luther shared that his wife Waverly is "the best cup of tea I ever had. She would come in and kiss me and say baby and feed me in the bed and this is what I need right here".