Prince Philip, 97, 'shocked and shaken' after the car he was driving overturned in a traffic accident

Prince Philip's Land Rover overturned but he escaped unhurt and was soon by the Queen's side in Sandringham

                            Prince Philip, 97, 'shocked and shaken' after the car he was driving overturned in a traffic accident

Prince Philip was involved in a car crash near Sandringham in Norfolk on Thursday, and according to an eye witness, the 97-year-old Duke of Edingburg was more concerned with the fate of others involved in the accident over himself.

According to reports, Philip got trapped in his Land Rover that overturned after colliding with a Kia which was carrying two women and a baby. While the royal was not hurt in the incident, the two women had to be treated in hospital before being discharged. The baby miraculously escaped unharmed.

According to witness Barrister Roy Warne, as reported by The Sun, the crash "was frightening to see."

Warne further added how Philip was "dazzled by the sun" while at a T-junction before his vehicle hit the other car. He shared how Philip was pulled from the wreckage while 'conscious' but 'very very shocked and shaken'. The Duke had to be breathalyzed by the police post the accident.

Seventy five-year-old Roy was the first to arrive at the scene and helped to get the 'disoriented' royal out from his vehicle. He then overheard Philip telling the cops that he had been "dazzled by the sun". At the time of the accident, Roy was driving back home along with his wife Victoria, a little before 3 pm and saw how the Land Rover flipped just a second after the collision. 


Roy shared, "I saw the car flip and thought f*****g hell. Before I even stopped I said to Victoria, dial 999. I looked down and had the Prince’s blood on my hands. All I could think is, thank goodness there wasn’t more."

While Philip was stuck in the vehicle, he reportedly told rescuers, "My legs! Where should I put my legs?" He did not suffer from any serious injuries and was soon at the Queen's side at their Sandringham estate. He will be closely watched over by doctors in the following days to check for any signs of internal injuries. 

The driver of the other vehicle told Victoria, "That could have been a disaster." Roy further added, "The Land Rover came across the A149 like a somersault. It was turning on its side over and over. It was frightening to see a powerful car rolling like that. I rushed to the other car — there was smoke coming out as if it may explode. There was a baby in the back seat screaming. Once myself and another chap had managed to pull the baby out, I went to the overturned car."

"There was one elderly person inside and I tugged at the smashed windscreen and sunroof to try and get the driver out. He was lying on his side and his legs were down in the well of the car. I asked him to lift his left leg as his legs were trapped, and he said 'Where to?' I suddenly realized it was Prince Philip. As he lifted his left leg, there was room for his right leg to move. I reached into the car, put my hands under his armpits and gently eased him out," Roy shared. 

 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Source: Getty Images)
 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Source: Getty Images)

"He stood up and was unharmed but was obviously very shocked. He was disorientated and humbled. I believe he was very sorry about what had happened. The sun was very low in the sky. Considering his age he got off much better than the people in the other car," Roy continued.

"He [Philip] wasn't rude. He was very shaken and he went and asked: 'Is everyone else alright?'"

One of the women in the other vehicle suffered a broken arm while the other injured her knee. The baby was miraculously unharmed and had no injuries. 

Roy revealed, "I went to the ladies’ car first as I thought the tank was going to go up in flames and take the baby with it. His mother, who had been driving, was understandably hysterical. She did very well. She managed to steer her car into the ditch."