'911: Lone Star' Season 2 Episode 3 Spoilers: '911' crossover sees both teams race to put out Texas wildfires

The 118 and the 126 team-up to tackle Texas wildfires as Owen Strand and Hen survive a helicopter crash

                            '911: Lone Star' Season 2 Episode 3 Spoilers: '911' crossover sees both teams race to put out Texas wildfires
Ronin Rubenstein as TK Strand and Oliver Stark as Evan Buckley on '911: Lone Star' (Fox)

After a very long wait, the '911' franchise is finally giving fans what they've been asking for — a crossover episode between '911: Lone Star' and its parent show, '911'. The teams from Los Angeles and Austin will team up for the very first time on screen together to tackle a disaster that's bigger than either of them could possibly handle alone.

Considering that the 126 Austin response team handled a literal volcanic eruption last week, it's no small threat to the city if it requires another team to come help. The heat is very much still on for the 126, as wildfires rage across Texas as we saw at the end of the last episode. Firefights from the 118 firehouse in Los Angeles are being called in to help and both teams will be rescuing as many people as they can, including a group of teenagers who are trapped in a fire.

Two of the teams' leaders will find themselves stranded as well, facing problems of their own without their colleagues there to help them out. Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) of 'Lone Star' and Henrietta 'Hen' Wilson (Aisha Hinds) from '911' will have to work together to survive the aftermath of a devastating helicopter crash. With everything else that's going on with the fires, them being trapped in such a deadly situation only worsens the situation for everyone involved.

It's the event of the season, and everyone is looking forward to this. The only real question is — will everyone make it out of the episode alive?

The synopsis for this episode, titled 'Hold the Line', reads, "As a wildfire spreads across Texas, crew members from the 118 firehouse in Los Angeles arrive in Austin to help Capt Strand and the 126; a group of teenagers are trapped by a fire; Owen and Hen struggle in the aftermath of a helicopter crash." You can watch a trailer for the episode below, which shows the 118 team and the 126 meeting up for the first time:


This episode of '911: Lone Star' airs on February 1 at 9 pm ET on Fox.